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Looking For His Jacket

Louisiana, USA
October 2000

About 4 years ago, I had surgery on my ankle and after a short stay in the hospital, I returned home to find that my mother had cleaned my bedroom out for me.

My bedroom is at one end of the hallway and my brother's room is at the opposite end, with a bathroom in the middle.

A few days before the following incident, I found a kitten that had been abandoned and I took her home with me. Since I sleep with my bedroom door open, I put my kitten in the bathroom for the night and shut the door so that I did not have to worry about my mother's dog attacking her. The bathroom door was shut so the only source of light was my TV. At the side of my TV was a pile of clothes that I was going to give away and on the top of the pile was a jacket that my friend left at my house.

The pain in my ankle was so bad that I could barely sleep, I was just in and out of it (sleep) and very restless. At one point during the night I opened my eyes to see a guy in my hallway. He had his back to me and I specifically remember he was wearing short red shorts, the plastic kind that have the split on either side of the leg, and nothing else. He had his arms wrapped around himself, like he was cold. My initial thought was that it was my brother, as he walks around with his arms like that a lot of the time, but it slowly occurred to me that this person had dark hair, my brother's hair is blonde. Then it starts to register with me that I didn't hear anyone come in or out of the bathroom and I didn't hear anything out of this person or this situation. Who ever he was, he turned and looked over his shoulder at me and whether or not he faded or walked on is something I'll never know, just that I felt sudden panic once all the details came to me and I shut my eyes and was frozen with fear.

When I felt the strength to open them, he was gone. The next day, as I was relating the story to my family, a thought crossed my mind, something I had only just remembered (you know how you forget things, until a situation arises that brings back a memory). The jacket that my friend left at my house, the one on the top of the pile of give backs/give aways was a jacket that belonged to a boy who had recently died in a car wreck and my friend had worn his jacket and left it at my house. Was this guy looking for his jacket? He seemed cold, as he had wrapped his arms around himself.

The next day, I had my mom drive me to my friends house and I returned the jacket to her, told her the story and asked that she please never wear it back to my house, let alone leave it there. I guess she gave the jacket back to his parents because I've never seen it again.

I know my house is not haunted, although I've had one or two other things happen to me. The jacket situation could've happened to anyone, I don't think I am particularly susceptible to ghostly experiences, as this is the only one I've ever had. I do remember laying down to take a nap one day and feeling somebody kiss me on my head, like a mother would do. My bedroom suite was handed down to me from my great aunt, and had been in the family since it was brand new. The date on it is 1836, and I often lay awake and wonder who died in this bed, who was born in this bed, what has this bed seen in it's years.....

The most frightening thing to ever happen to me was one night I woke up in a frozen, terror induced panic. I didn't dream anything, just something woke me up that I couldn't explain. I remember that I was struggling to keep my head turned and my eyes shut, like something was fighting me, wanting me to see it. I felt a very heavy pressure on my chest and knew that whatever it was, I did not want to see it. It seems like there was a hot pink light, sort of a flowing, wind blown type of motion to it, but as I mentioned earlier, I was struggling to keep my eyes shut so I couldn't look at it. What little I may have seen to bring me to the description I just gave was either out of the corner of my eye, which I was desperately trying to keep shut, or lights that you sometimes see when you shut your eyes really hard. After what seemed like forever, it ended. As I was finally able to move again, I lay in my bed in a panic induced sweat, my head buried in my pillow. Whatever this was that was on my chest, wanting me to see it, I have no idea. A few nights later I woke suddenly in panic stricken terror like before, only this time there was nothing. I wonder if somehow I sensed it coming this time and was able to fend for myself, using will power of desperately not wanting to go through that again to keep it at bay. This was the only time something like that happened to me and I hope it never comes back or does it again, as I know this would be enough to give some one a heart attack. That is the true meaning of terror.

Louisiana, USA
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