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Looking In The Mirror

Steiny Duong, SC, USA
October 2007

Living in my two-story Ohio house was difficult in many ways. The residents living around, the backyard, the work needed, and plenty more. But the most difficult was the haunting.

I believe there is more than one angry, confused spirit wandering around in that house.

One scary experience happened in my only downstairs bathroom, in the mirror.
It was in the middle of December and it was around 12:30PM. I was taking up some dirty laundry and the mirror just started wobbling like someone had just hung it up. No window was open and I wasn't near the wall or the mirror.
The same thing happened for another four times later that week. Looking in the mirror also gave me chills, the mirror seemed tinted so your image would be blurry. I was getting a little scared so I decided not to use it anymore. I had invited some friends over one evening to celebrate an early Christmas together. We had fun, talked, and ate. Soon it was getting dark and everyone had to go. The last of my friends to leave used the downstairs bathroom. When he came out, he quickly closed the door and hurriedly walked out. I knew he had seen something. I asked him what was wrong?. He told me the mirror was weird. He saw the wobbling, but this time he saw something when he was looking into the mirror. He said that he couldn't see his own reflection very well and he tried looking closer but he noticed something moving behind his face. When he turned he saw nothing.

About two months later, I was cleaning up the house, and I heard something scratching on the wall. The sound was coming from the downstairs bathroom. The door was closed but you could tell the noise was coming from the mirror. I opened the door to find the mirror wobbling again.
Finally deciding that it was due to natural causes, I checked all over the bathroom, even behind the mirror. But this would be the first time I looked into the mirror for more than ten seconds. I tried to figure out what was wrong. Then I tried looking closer and I noticed that something started moving behind my blurry reflection. It looked like smoke coming from a fire except it was white. I didn't have enough time to look closer because I was in a panic. Then the mirror started to vibrate in my hands, causing me to drop it to the floor and breaking it into pieces. After quickly cleaning up the mess, I dumped the pieces into the neighborhood dumpster and replaced it with a new one.

I still remember how scared I felt after that and I still get goose bumps looking into the new mirror.

I couldn't find any explanation on what caused the mirror to do all the unusual and frightening things.
The mirror did belong to the house when I moved here, and the house was old. Maybe when I had broken the mirror I released something evil into the world? Who knows?

Steiny Duong, SC, USA
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