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Lost Child

December 2003

I was 12 years old or so when my mother and I moved into a house belonging to a friend of my sisters in Craigieburn, Victoria Australia.

The house was nothing much to look at, orange brick, 70's in style 3 bedroom home. The year was 1988.
The visits commenced about a week or so after we moved in.

I went to bed at approximately 8:30pm each night and I would leave my bedroom door open and my bedside lamp on. The first night that my visitor came I was sitting up in bed with a book when I noticed something run pass my bedroom door. A small child with blonde hair. Obviously being a child myself I went straight into my mothers room to tell her what I saw. She said there's nothing there go back to bed, so I did.

This visit happened a couple of times a week for the duration of the time I lived at that house which was approximately 3 months. The apparition was a small female child of approximately 5 to 6 years of age with long blonde straight hair, not freshly combed. She was wearing a white short dress with short sleeves with lace at the end and lace pants to the knee also in white. She was not wearing shoes. She kept repeating the same word "mum, mummy or mother" as if looking for her mother. The image was very clear, repetitive and very real, but it was always pitch black behind her with no other scenery evident. It was the same scene played over and over again. The clothing seemed to be from the turn of the century.

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