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Lost Hitchhiker

Oryx, New Jersey, USA
June 1998

This story did not rise from experience. It was Told to me by my friend's father, Anthony. He and his brother had experienced a ghostly phenomena in 1967 while driving to New York.

It was during a cold, foggy night while driving to their uncle's house. While driving they noticed a bright figure up ahead. The figure did not glow or anything of the sort, it was just bright enough to be seen in the dark.

As they got closer to the figure it appeared to be a man in about his 60's. He had a very pale face that contained no expression. The man was wearing shorts and had a T-shirt on.

Out of kindness they stopped and asked the man if he needed a ride somewhere. As the figure bent down towards them, they noticed he had no eyes. They figure repeated about three times in a deep voice "you're not going my way". Then he just continued on his way.

As they continued to drive along that road they saw the same figure pass them four times. Later they found out from their uncle that a hitchhiker was just murdered in that area. When the body was found there were no eyes. As if someone ripped them out.

Oryx, New Jersey, USA
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