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Lost In The Woods of Thailand

Nikki, KY, USA
August 2003

Hello, my name is Nikki. This story did not happen to me, but to my mother, in Thailand.

My parents believed in ghosts without a doubt, as they grew up with them since childhood. And, out of all their stories, I have chosen one that I have personally taken a liking into.

My mother was very poor and lived in a very rural area near many forests. This is where the story takes place.

It was an ugly and stormy evening in Thailand, twenty- five years ago, while my 11-year old mother was picking mushrooms near a wood. She wandered off into the trees and before she knew it, was very deep into the heart of it. She finally tore away from her absent minded picking and grew to realize she had gotten lost. A little frightened, she heard a sort of humming noise. It was coming form a huge mango tree just a couple yards away. This very much freaked her out so she began to run in the opposite direction of the tree overlooking the whole forest. But it had already gotten slightly dark when she approached a tree-house. Now, being only eleven, she didn't realize any dangers or precautions it might lead too, so she climbed up the ladder.

When she half-crouched into the rather small space in the tree-house she saw a man. He was around 50 years old and friendly looking. "Oh, please sir," she pleaded. "I seemed to have gotten lost, and it would be kind if you could show me a way to the village." He looked at my mother and said, "I knew you would be coming, child, please come and sit down so I can tell you your future." My mother did so while he gazed into her palm. "Ahhh, you will have more than three kids and will be happily married on the other side of this world." He said. "But now," He continued, "Here is what you must do immediately." He very sternly told my mother to follow the blue and black bird just outside the broken window. He told her to avoid any noises and ignore anything else in her way. Then she would find saftey. "Do not look up, whatever you do, Child." He stated when my mother climbed back down the chipped ladder.

My mother was scared at that point, but did as she was told. She followed the bird, while the sun went down. She heard many things on her way; like trees swaying when the others were still; loud footsteps near her, that got louder and louder; and even a little girl laughing. But she kept on walking, only looking down at the bird. Finally, she arrived at her burnt down shack, or in other words, what she called home.

When she was home, she told my grandma all about it, and soon they both figured out it was her great great grandfather who told her the way. He died near that tree- house. Oh, and by the way, his predictions were all very true. My mother has 5 children, lives here in the US, and is happily married to my dad.

Thank you so much for reading this, and I promise, it is all very true.

Nikki, KY, USA
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