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Lost Soul In My House

Anonymous, UK
October 2011

You know when you parents or friends say things that you saw were just figment of your imagination? Well it isn’t. My encounter involves my first day of being in my new house and a holy figure. So here it goes!

Finally after two full days of transport to England, we arrived at my new home. After a couple of hours of settling in, thoughts came into my head that I had never encountered before like an image from a past life or something but they weren’t mine!

Unfortunately my head still hasn’t gotten around that. Soon after that when we chose our rooms I was drawn to a small room in the attic which for some odd reason had no insulation so it was very cold at that time of year but that didn’t make a difference. When the sun had fallen my mother said goodnight to me and turned off the light.

Later that night I awoke to a bright light and a figure with a bright outline of green it spoke to me in my head as if it was sending me messages,it said that I was next. But I still don’t get it and I’m 23. After that he left the room and the light flickered and shut off and it doesn’t work anymore. Shivering in bed I tucked my head under my pillow. Now I live in the same house and I would spot him in the corner of my eye. He looks as if he’s lost stuck between here and limbo.

Anonymous, UK
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