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Lost Voices

Alek Fisher, Wounded Knee, SD, USA
May 2011

Living in Wounded Knee you should know about the history of the whole Wounded Knee killing. Anyways when you’re a little kid you hear all kind of stories of how people see ghost or hear voices mine happened three months ago.

I was walking home with my girlfriend we wanted to talk about leaving and going to live with my brother in Arizona. While we were walking we kept hearing a soft cry. Thinking it was a little kid I went to look for it. Half an hour later I said, "Let’s call the cops."

When we heard an a very loud cry it sounded as if someone was being dragged or beat. I started to scream around yelling for them to leave the person alone. Then we heard a loud scream that sounded like the person dying. My girlfriend grabbed my hand and said run I got to the house called the local police. And waited for any bad news the next day I got a call back saying they saw our footprints but no others, no body or drag marks. Thinking I imagined it, I said, "Okay thanks," then called my grandmother.

What she told me next was very shocking. Every now and then around eight or nine at night screams are heard at the grounds of the massacre. The cops always get calls about it but same thing, no bodies or anything. They call they it the lost voices of our ancient ones. Very scary if you hear it yourself.

Alek Fisher, Wounded Knee, SD, USA
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