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Lostock Cemetery

Kylie, NSW, Australia
April 2000

Reading other stories has jogged my memory about some of my encounters. This is one of them.

When I was younger I was part of a church group who used to go camping at Lostock Dam in the Hunter Valley. We stayed in a hall at the top of a hill, and at the bottom was a small country church and graveyard, and further down a creek that was big enough for swimming in.

In the graveyard were many old graves, including one with a photo of a beautiful young woman. The story I heard was that she was a teacher who had taken her students for a walk by the creek. One of the students fell in and the teacher went in to save them, drowning in the process.

Anyway, a group of us girls sat up one night talking about this, generally scaring ourselves silly, and trying to work up the courage to go down to the graveyard in the dark. We got as far as the door, looking out over the graveyard when we saw a light floating between the headstones. Needless to say, we quickly went back to bed and there was no more talk of visiting the graveyard in the dark!!

In hindsight it could possibly have been someone with a torch (but highly unlikely) or possibly some natural phenomenon like methane, but it certainly provided a spooky ending to our camping trip.

Kylie, NSW, Australia
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