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Lottery Ticket Angel

January 2001

When my husband and I lived in Seattle, Washington, I was preparing to begin my first semester at a college I transferred to. We were young and didn't have much income, so I was a little stressed to find I needed $100.00 more for a deposit to hold my place to register.

I had said a few prayers, and within a week, my grandmother had sent me $50.00 out of the blue. She didn't know of my situation, and if she sent any money, it would be no more than $25.00.

So, I just needed $50.00 more for my deposit.

Later in the week I was walking to a convenient store for milk. I was contemplating my financial situation when out of the blue I heard this voice in my head that said, "I am going to buy a lottery ticket, and win $50.00 bucks." This wasn't MY thought, and the voice was very loud in my head. This voice came from another source. Well, I thought to myself, "I'll bite."

I went in and bought my milk AND a lottery scratch ticket. I was so excited to see what the results would be, I scratched the ticket before I even left the counter. And to my surprise and gapping mouth, I had won $50.00 bucks!!!

It was such a strange experience, and I don't believe it was a psychic phenomenon, but a spiritual guide letting me know everything will be okay.

To this day, 7 years later, somehow, no matter what the situation, when we need money to show up to help us thorough a tough shows up. An unexpected check in the mail, a check from a relative, a bonus at work, an extra job to take for a week or to. Just out of the blue the money comes. I think at the time of the lottery ticket my guardian angel was letting me know I don't ever have to worry. And I try not to.

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