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Louis, The Ghost

Vash, NSW, Australia
September 1998

It was March '98, when I moved into my new house with my best friend. This house was old, and we heard rumors that a man had committed suicide in the house, but we didn't belive it. We moved in, and everything seemed okay, but that night at about 2am, I heard scratching noises coming from the attic. I woke my friend up and she could heard the noise as well, we went up to the attic, and when we opened the door, the noises stopped. The noises continued every night, we learned to ignore them, and we lived on.Then about a month later, when we were sitting down having a late dinner, all our plates started smashing, and our cutlery was being lifted up and then smashed to the ground. Similar things like this continued for a week, me and my friend got sick of it, so we went to the library and looked up information about the house. We learned that the man who killed himself in our house was called Louis, and other people who lived in our house reported strange things happening, like noises in the attic, and things getting smashed. My friend and I went home, and decided to call a ghost detective, but since it was late we went to bed. I woke up at 3:30am in the morning because I couldn't sleep and I heard someone whispering in my ear "Beautiful maiden, please help me find the light", I froze, I managed to say "Louis", and then I heard him say, "Please help me, I'm stuck, I'm hanging, and I can't reach the light". Then he stopped, I realized he must still be hanging, because he hung himself. So the next day we called the ghosts detective. She searched the house, and said we had a ghost. She said she could feel him in the attic stuck up there, wanting to go free. I wondered how she new, because I didn't tell her what he said. She said she was going in the attic to help him. When she returned 15 minutes later, she said he found the light, and our house was no longer hunted. That night there were no scratching noises, and no whispering. Louis had gone, and we still live in the house today.

Vash, NSW, Australia
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