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Love Letters

Emica Fields, Rhode Island, USA
August 2005

It was just a normal day for me today up until I got a phone call from my boyfriend. He called and told me to get to his house quickly because he found something "Really cool!" I thought it was a pain, but I got down there nevertheless.

John (my boyfriend) had invited over three other guys. Brandon, PJ, and Mark.

Well, to properly tell this story I will first have to describe John's basement. See, he has a room in his basement. It is divided (by walls) into four seperate rooms. One is a storage area, the other is for the laundry. The other is John's bedroom and the last is where the stairs lead into. Well, in the storage area John found a giant... pot, or cauldron if you will. It looked almost like a witch's cauldron! Well inside of the cauldron there was countless love letters. They were all from a woman named Deborah Lawton written to her husband, Fred. Apparently he was in jail for something, though we haven't the slightest clue what. As we read on, the letters got stranger and stranger! I recall one saying...

"Fred, I need help. You know who's here and he's been scaring me all night. He's sitting at the kitchen table right now at one o' clock in the morning! I told him I'd call the police but he only laughs! Help me, Fred, I don't know what this thing is capable of!"

That was really the first creepy one. We had even come across some... ahem... X rated letters. Some were very perverse and explicit. I won't go into detail there, but finally I came across "THE" letter. I opened the envelope and imediately noticed there was a brownish reddish substance all over it. Dried blood?. I screamed and dropped the letter and all of my friends stared at me like I was crazy. I pointed a finger down at the letter and stared at it as if it were a wild animal baring it's fangs at me. My boyfriend reluctantly picked up the letter and, in shock, read aloud for us all to hear. It said something like this:

"What are you still doing in that house?! Get out of there before it comes! It's coming for you! Get out of there!"

It was addressed to nobody and there was no signature. As soon as my boyfriend read the last line the lights went out. We all started to panic. PJ and Mark ran to the windows and tore the curtains off to provide us with some light. However, as soon as the room was visible enough my friend noticed in the mirror... a girl. A very... sad looking woman standing there. She looked angry, confused, sad, and dead. Dead in such a way I cannot describe. She was embarrassed. We had been reading her personal letters and she was angry and embarrassed as any woman would be. I shouted at the top of my lungs, "Guys, help me put these letters back! Deborah! I'm so sorry! We're putting them back now!" I ran to the pile of love letters on the floor and one by one tucked them away in their envelopes and put them back into the cauldron. My friends quickly joined in and helped me put the letters away. As soon as each and every letter was back in place the lights returned. Me and Brandon brought the cauldron back to that storage room and we decided never to touch those letters again. It is a fun story to tell, but it was not a very fun experience. To this day I know that Deborah Lawton is still mourning to be with her husband. I can't imagine how miserable it must have been for her while Fred was in jail.

Emica Fields, Rhode Island, USA
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