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Love Never Dies

California, USA
April 2000

This is a cool story about my mom and her beloved godfather. He died from cancer when she was only two years old. When she asked her mom what happened to him, she was told that he "went away." Well, since he was a porter on the railroad (this was in the 40's) and had the California-Washington run, she thought he had gone away to Washington and left her without saying goodbye. She was heartbroken and sad and refused to eat. She was basically wasting away from heartbreak. Anyway, onto the wonderful part...

One day soon after his death, Mom was out on the front porch of the house when she saw her godfather walking up the street as he always did when he came to visit. He said his usual, "Hi Babies" (his nickname for her), and picked her up. She asked him why he went away. He told her he passed away and was in heaven, and she asked if she could go with him. He told her no, she was to live a long, long, long time, but that he would see her again one day. Then he put her down and walked up the street into what appeared to the little girl as a meadow with sheep, trees, beautiful sunlight, etc. Then the vision faded and it was the street again. My grandmother came outside to find my mother waving and saying goodbye to someone. When she asked who, my mom told her about her godfather visiting her. My grandmother freaked out and told my mom, "You didn't see him!" Well, that put Mom out because she hadn't known the man was dead; she thought he had been away as they had told her. After all, she was only two!

All I know is I've never been frightened of death since hearing that story. And I have no reason to believe my mom made that story up. Also, she didn't just see him, he actually picked her up and held her! That just goes to show that love truly is eternal. Thanks for reading my story.

California, USA
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