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Maitland Gaol Spirit, Michael

Kellie Greedy, NSW, Australia
March 2002

For Valentines Day this year I decided to get my husband a voucher to explore Maitland Gaol. After living here all my life I thought it was about time I went and checked the place out myself to see what all the fuss was about.I chose the tour that started at 8.00 at night and was led by a psychic named Cheryl. We started out as it was nearing dark. I had always believed there was spirits and ghosts but never imagined I would ever see one.

We started at the entrance of the Gaol and noticed the razor wire everywhere, we were informed that if prisoners tried to escape that the razor wire would break and wrap around them. I can't remember what all the parts of the Gaol were called but we moved into a cell block that had cells called sweepers in them. It was dark at this stage and there was no lights at all, so we all switched our torches on. Cheryl told us some stories about prisoners held there including Virginia Morses killer. There was a very eerie feeling in these cells as I went in and explored. We then went to another part of the Gaol where hardened criminals were put and Cheryl said that a spirit always appeared there. We climbed the 40 or so stairs and I suddenly felt really scared. We were up high and it was very dark. I stayed close to Cheryl and she pointed out the cell that the spirit, Michael as he is known, appears. She told anyone that wanted to feel anything eerie to go inside the cell and close the door. I opted to stay out with Cheryl, but the rest of the tour went in there. After about 10 seconds the door opened and everyone came running out. "It is terrible in there I didn't like it at all!", was what most of them were saying. Cheryl said "well if you didn't like that look back at the door and look at the spirit standing there". I looked across and all I could see was a fuzzy shimmering silhouette. Everyone just went silent and started flashing their cameras. The spirit stood in the doorway of the cell and rocked backwards and fowards. I couldn't believe what I was seeing...neither could the 5 or 6 other people that were seeing it. I sensed he wasnt evil the way he just stood there. I always thought that ghosts were like transparent people, but this one wasnt, it was simply a silhoutte of shimmering fuzzy dots, but it was there clear as day.

We stayed there for about 5 mins staring and he seemed to be staring back. Cheryl told us to hurry up and get going as there was plenty more to see like that. The group started to walk off and I walked over to the door of the cell and stretched my arm out to the spirit. My husband came over and asked me what I was doing. I didnt answer him as it was if I was in a trance. I felt a sudden tingling and pins and needles type feeling in my hand and I could see he was touching it.

I have never had a feeling or experience like this before and I cant explain the feeling I felt but it was very relaxing and soothing. The group was starting to disappear so I said goodbye and tried to pull my arm back. I felt as if I couldn' it didnt want to let me go. My husband by this stage was very scared and told me to come I whispered "it will be ok, goodbye", and pulled my arm away. I walked off turning every few seconds to still see it standing there.

I didnt feel scared at all for the rest of the tour and made arrangements with Cheryl to come on a tour that stays overnight. I stayed back after the tour ended to talk to Cheryl about my experience and how often he appeared. She said that just about everyone in the tours sees him. It has really changed my way of thinking and I am really interested in finding out more about this sort of thing.

If you want to see a spirit I would definately advice a tour of Maitland Goal.

Kellie Greedy, NSW, Australia
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