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Makes No Horse Sense

Amy, CA, USA
October 2001

I have had many paranormal experiences in my lifetime, but this one remains particularly vivid.

I lived most of my life in a small town in Western Massachusetts. During my childhood, I used to love to visit the cemetery and look at all of the old gravestones. Many of them were from the early 1700's. For some reason I always felt completely "drawn" to cemeteries and I never felt scared or uneasy in them. In fact, quite the opposite. I always seemed to feel at peace and loved to spend a lazy summer day riding my horse through the cemetery and stopping to look at the gravestones and read the epitaphs.

One afternoon, my horse and I were riding our usual path, since there's really only one main road that winds through it. I got pretty deep into the cemetery and came across a section of dense brush off to the side of the road. Since I was up on my horse, I could see quite clearly over the brambles. What I saw was a car, probably from the 1960's or so, maybe earlier, and four teenagers in the car, two boys in front and two girls in the back. I could see that they were drinking and talking and laughing. I could even hear music playing, I couldn't make out the song, but I could definitely hear music. At first I didn't think anything of it, figuring some kids were just out having a good time. But suddenly, my horse started absolutely freaking out. Rearing up on his hind legs, alternately side stepping, backing up and snorting. I jumped off of him and tried to get him under control. He eventually calmed but was still sweating and trembling when I got back on.

I thought maybe the car and the noise was what spooked him, but to my astonishment, the car had simply vanished! I rode all the way around the wooded area and could not see anything. The important thing to realize, is that there were no roads leading into the brush, and only one road through the cemetery, if the car had left, it would have had to go right past me since that's where I was standing with my horse. There's no way that I would not have seen it leave.

Shortly afterwards, I described the incident to a friend of mine who had lived in the same town for most of his life and knew about some of my experiences. He told me he thought he remembered something about an accident that had happened back in the 60's. So, I did some research at the local library and discovered that in 1968 there was a car crash that killed four local teens in a drunk driving accident. Two boys and two girls...

Incidentally, after that, my horse developed a distinct aversion to gravestones and even to large rocks! I thought that was weird until I realized he probably associated big rocks with gravestones! He would get so riled up that I had to stop bringing him to the cemetery.

Amy, CA, USA
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