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Malevolent Male Spirit

Molly, Sussex, UK
October 2012

I’ve been thinking about the following experiences you are about to read for a long time and I’ve eliminated all logical possibility of them. Enjoy!

The first I happened a year ago (I was 11).My parents were divorced so I had alternate weekends with my Dad, but I really hated the room I had to sleep in at my Dad’s.It had a sinking feeling including, dread, deviousness,just very malevolent and evil.I sensed a male.I know at my age you get scared when there’s nothing there but even with someone else in the room I felt uneasy and a little insecure while getting undressed for bed because I sensed a man in the room with me.

I was very scared even when I didn’t have to sleep in there but my Dad was skeptical, therefore he just brushed it under the carpet.My Dad had an experience in that room (when he slept in there) where he felt someone lifting his bed which made him paralyzed with fear.This is how I felt for the duration I was in that room.Nothing happened until I plucked up the courage to make contact with this spirit and try to tell them to leave. I was very rude, yet they were tormenting me. I was very blunt, usually saying: "Get out!" or "go away!" It worked for a while but in the room next to mine (the study)I would feel the same feeling as my room did before I shooed whoever was there away.

We went on holiday for a week and got back home at midnight, retiring to my room.I was terrified because the horrible feeling I got a few months earlier had returned.I couldn’t be bothered to keep watch just in case I got hurt that night so tried to go to sleep.I couldn’t probably because I was too aware of the energy around me.This is going to sound really strange but my Mum has a psychic friend who sees energies. I was very eager to see energies my unfortunately, I don’t have her gift. I practiced with her to close my eyes and imagine bright light and believe me you can see energy...It’s very effective.

Getting back to my bedroom, I was so curious to see this ghost that I practiced what my Mum’s friend had told me. I opened my eyes and saw a male figure standing in the doorway which I hadn’t seen before closing my eyes.I lay in my bed becoming very scared and my breathing shallow.I was up all night and things began to get worse.My desk was situated by my bed and I had a selection of pencils on the far side of my desk (away from my bed) I heard breathing from across the room and pencils were thrown onto my bed. I couldn’t have been imagining it because I had been in that room for two years and nothing had happened. The shadow I had seen was a male figure which adds up as the uneasy feelings I had about getting changed because there was a male spirit in the room with me.We left after my refusal to sleep in there and I NEVER want to set foot in there again.

Molly, Sussex, UK
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