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Man In My Room

Alaska, USA
August 2000

This strange event happened to me when I was 17, in 1975. I was evening and my brothers and I had all turned in for the night. My parents were entertaining a friend that had dropped by and I could hear them talking. I had only been in bed 15 minutes and I was facing the wall of my room, trying to go to sleep. I remember I was tired and frustrated that I couldn't`t fall right asleep. I recall letting out a deep sigh and turning over and there by the other wall opposite my bed was a man that was the spitting image of my science teacher, who by the way was very much alive at the time. I saw him in extreme detail...turtleneck sweater, tan corduroys,and light brown loafers. I could see the salt and pepper colored butch haircut and the hair on his arms. He was picking up candles and knickknacks on my dresser, moving stuff around like he was looking for something. I froze. Then he turned and looked at me with this expression that looked as if he were wondering what my problem was, and that he had every right to be there. I didn`t ever think that my teacher was actually in my room. He could never have gotten past the front door without being heard or seen, and he wasn`t on my parents list of acquaintances, nor was he even close to being mine, or anyone else`s favorite teacher. I never thought of him outside of class.

After moving things around on my desk, he moved to my dresser and fumbled around with the stuff on top of it, then moved down the hall towards my brothers room. I was afraid he was intent on harm, but I was too scared to get up and check on my brothers. I shut my eyes as tight as I could and later finally fell asleep.

The next morning, I told my folks what I saw, and I go the usual crap from my dad, but I stuck to it and told them there really was someone in my room. I think maybe I finally got to them, because after that they started locking the doors at night. I`ve always wondered what exacly it was that I saw. I know my teacher wasn`t really in my room, but I can find no explanation for seeing him. If anyone has had an experience of this type, I hope to hear from you, or from anyone who might have any answers. Thanks for reading my story.

Alaska, USA
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