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Man in the Closet

Adrianna, IL, USA
August 2010

Let me start off by saying that this experience did not happen to me happened to my sister and my mother.

First I should give you a little background on a few of the people in the story. My mother has always believed in the afterlife and has had previous experiences. But none that scared her as much as the one I am about to tell you. My sister was very young at the time that this experience occurred and did not really understand death so to her this experience was not very frightening.

On the night that this happened, my mom and sister were the only people home and it was late at night so the lights in the house were all off. My mom was on the phone and she asked my sister to go to the living room to get something for her off the table. My sister responded with, "No mommy, the fire is going to get me." At that my mom started to get a little scared and she asked my sister what fire she was talking about. My sister went on to explain that our uncle Bob was standing in the closet with a fireman and he was surrounded by fire.

As I said earlier my sister was very young and did not understand that uncle Bob had died in a car fire a few weeks prior to this event. I am not sure how the fireman came to be standing in the closet as well but that is a mystery that will never be explained.

My mom was really freaking out at this point and kept asking my sister what she was talking about because of course my mom did not see anything in the closet. But my sister kept insisting that he was there. Finally my mom got up and turned the light on and my sister stopped saying he was in the closet.

That was not the only appearance uncle Bob made. A few days later my mom was talking to my aunt (who actually dated uncle Bob at one point) about what had happened and my aunt told her that she thinks Bob visited her as well...uncle Bob used to be a musician and my aunt had a child's piano on the floor in her living room. One night while my aunt was asleep she heard the piano begin to play...when she walked out into the living room thinking that one of the kids was out of bed the music soon as she walked back to her room the piano began to play once more.

To this day my sister (who is now 17 years old) will leave the room when I begin to tell the story...even though it did not scare her then it does now.

I don't know if uncle Bob visited anyone else but I do believe that because his life ended so soon that he was just making his rounds saying goodbye to everyone he loved.

Adrianna, IL, USA
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