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Man On The Back Roads

Sarah Ward, TX, USA
February 2005

Howdy. My name is Sarah and in the story I'm 15. It takes place my Freshman year in High School (I am currently a sophomore). Anyways, on with the story.

Near the end of my freshman year I hung out a lot with my best friend and her older brother's girlfriend. All three of us became a very close knit group. Well, my best friend's older brother's girlfriend - lets call her Jennifer - was the only one who could drive. One day she graciously took us to the mall. Now we live in a very small town and the nearest mall is about a 45 minute drive away, so this was a really cool thing for her to do considering she was paying for gas.

Moving on. We had a good time walking around and shopping and we were fixing to leave (it was closing for the night). I think it was about nine and we stopped at a Taco Bell and ate before we started the drive home.

The easiest way to get home from the mall would be to just get on the highway and go on that until you reach our town......but that's no fun. Between the mall and our sleepy small town is a vast amount of country. No towns or communities to speak of, just 2 or 3 gas stations and lots and lots of land. But there are tons of small, back country roads running all throughout that land, and that's the most preferable way to get home.

Usually we just turn down a random road and find a new way back to town. We had turned down this dark, skinny road and had traveled maybe 5 miles when all of a sudden there was this old, dirty man walking straight towards us in the middle of the road. Jennifer freaks out and slams on the brakes. We look up and he's still there.......and then he's gone. He didn't just disappear though. It was really weird. We were looking at him and then he was gone, but we didn't know HOW he went. I can't explain it. This may not seem scary, but it was. We were out in the middle of the country and it is very dark. There are no houses around for miles. We couldn't explain it. Jennifer remembers him best. She will tell you all the details of his limp, the state of the clothes on his back, the vacant look on his face, and all sorts of things.

Well, after this happened we just sat there for a few minutes looking out our windows. We never saw anything. Finally Jennifer started driving again and we raced home. The funny thing is that after that, Jennifer and my best friend - lets call her Amy - got very paranoid. They kept on thinking they were hearing sounds and seeing things. By the end of the trip they had managed to convince themselves that when they got out of the car they would find a hook hanging on the door handle. I think they were actually disappointed when there wasn't one, haha.

I know this story may not seem very scary, but put yourself in the situation. It's late at night in the middle of nowhere, you have no means of contacting someone if something does happen, and suddenly a scary old man appears out of nowhere. Just think about it.

Sarah Ward, TX, USA
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