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Man With No Face

Beatrice, Indiana, USA
July 2005

The fist time I experienced this encounter with the man who has no face was about a month ago. The first time was when I was home alone. Here are all of my encounters with him so far:

My brother had a baseball game and I didn't want to go because I had homework to do. I was at my computer, humming like always when I felt as if someone was looking at me. At first I thought it was my brother (because he likes to scare me all the time) but then I remembered that no one was home except me. I ignored that feeling I had that was telling me to look up. I tried to ignore it but something was telling me to look up so I did. Standing right there at the door, watching me through the window, I saw a man with no face. He was a man of shadow! After a few seconds the man ran away. I ran and opened the door and I didn't see anything or anyone. I wasn't so scared but then when my family came home I told them what happened. No one believed me, my mom even laughed. She said I wasn't acting like a 16 year old, she said I was acting like a 4 year old. Well for laughing at me that man appeared to my mom too!

My mom and I were down in the basement, we had the door open and the fan on (it was so hot that day) when the door slams shut and then the fan turns off and the room is ice cold! Then we heard footsteps running like crazy upstairs! We waited until we didn't hear the footsteps anymore to go back upstairs. Later that day my mom was home alone and she was in the kitchen and she felt someone looking at her, so she turns around and saw the same man standing there and watching her! He did the same thing and ran away a few seconds later.

Nothing happened a couple days after so I thought maybe my mom and I were just seeing things. Was I wrong!

My younger brother and I stayed home one afternoon, we were watching TV. He later went upstairs to get his Gameboy. When he was going up the stairs he was whistling to himself then he stopped and he comes running as fast as he could down the stairs screaming like he saw a ghost! I ask him what's wrong and he said "Oh my gosh! I saw someone sitting on your bed! He had no face, he was a shadow like man and he was laughing!" I was so scared but I tried to be brave because I didn't want matters to get any worse. I told him he was just seeing things.

I was scared to sleep in my room that night, but I did anyway because I told my brother that there was nothing there. I tried closing my eyes, but I just couldn't! When out of nowhere I feel someone watching me again! I look over my shoulder, there he was again! He was sitting next to me on my bed. I tried to scream, but I couldn't so I grabbed my pillow and ran downstairs to sleep in the front room. The scariest thing happened there.

I was thinking about what had just happened when I saw the man standing by my feet watching me. I pulled the covers over me. Later, I heard my mom get up to go to the bathroom and then I heard her yell "Get away from me! Get out of my house!". She was screaming and then she ran back to her room and shut the door! I didn't really know what she saw, but in the morning she told me she was washing her hands and she looked into the mirror and saw the man standing by her. She said he tried to reach out at her so she screamed.

Last night was the last experience I've had. I was sleeping in the front room (I haven't slept in my room ever since I saw him sitting next to me) when a cold breeze woke me up. I sat up trying to figure out where that breeze had come from when something caught my eye underneath the dinner table. I saw him again sitting under the table with just the top half of his body showing. For the first time I saw his eyes, they were so evil looking and so red! His grin was evil as well, he was laughing this creepy laugh. I can still hear it now!

Nothing has happened since that encounter. I think maybe he has haunted enough!

Beatrice, Indiana, USA
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