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Many Experiences in My Life

Anonymous, SC, USA
August 2015

When I was about 6 or 7 I was in the back of my house alone while the rest of my family members were in the living room and I was sitting on my sister's bed and I was waiting for her to come back to her room and play with me. So I was sitting on the bed when I saw a figure dart through the hall way, thinking it was her I called her name and went to where it had hid and there was nothing. Being a kid I didn't think more of it.

When I was ten my granddad died in his house. A little while after maybe a month or two me and my two sisters and mother were in the house. They were walking about the house while I sat in the middle of the living room where my grandad often was. Well, I was sitting on the floor when my sisters/mom walked past me and they were headed for the back room. Just as I was about to get up a chair started rocking out of control, I then called my sisters name and just as she peered into the room the chair stopped. It didn't bother me at all though.

My oldest sister (not the one in my previous story) had mental problems during the time my grandad had passed and she often hurt herself so me and my mother believed that she was attracting evil spirits into her bedroom. Often while we were all at school and my father was at work my mom was alone at our home and would see dark figures walk into my sisters room, which I soon figured out on my own.

I started to hear voices in my room which was next to my sisters room and they would whisper stuff I couldn't understand. Soon after this I would sleep with my other sister every night but I did sleep with my oldest sister a couple of times. One night I slept with her and she began to hug me in her sleep so being annoyed and being pretty much asleep I went back to my room and fell back asleep. The next morning she told me she woke up wondering where I had gone and she felt someone sit on the bed and thinking it was me she turned to see no one. My sister is now married and has moved out and we no longer experience these dark figures or whispering voices.

Now about when I was thirteen I saw a man only his shoulders up and he waved at me (this was while I was trying to go to sleep) not being frightened I waved back and fell asleep. Flash forward to now I occasionally hear voices and my mom has heard my voice calling her while I wasn't even home. She has also heard her name being called.

That's all thanks for reading.

Anonymous, SC, USA
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