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Mark's Room

Jess, Queensland, Australia
January 2007

Nearly seven years ago we moved into our house, the pre-owners were very friendly to us and we have still remained friends with them. Whilst talking to them (before we actually bought the house) the wife told us about her son, Mark, and how he had died while he was out hunting with his step dad (the husband). She explained that Mark was apparently crawling through a fence when his gun went of and shot him. Mark had forgotten to put the safety switch on his gun. It was a freak accident and must have been heart wrenching for their entire family, especially for the fact that Mark was only about 12 or 13.

When we moved in I was only in grade 3 and I chose the pink room because I loved pink. My sister had the blue room, my parents had the master bedroom and "Marks room" was the guest room but was rarely used.
I stayed in the pink room until sometime last year when I decided to move into the white room (Marks room). My sister then moved into the pink room and the blue room was now spare. I think I had been told that the white room once belonged to Mark but it didn't seem to pass my mind when I decided to move into it.

Nothing strange happened for months, it was only this year that things started happening.

The first was when I was lying in bed trying to get to sleep. As my bed faces out the window I decided to stare into the darkness hoping that would make me fall asleep. I heard footsteps walking down the hallway and straight into my room. I just assumed it was mum or dad coming in to check on me and thought nothing of it. The footsteps stopped just after they got in my door so I looked over there but no one was there. I wasn't frozen with fear but I was quite scared but just decided to close my eyes and try my hardest to sleep. I heard the foot teps move closer and closer, but then they stopped. I thought everything was OK until I heard the sound of a gun being cocked. You know that sound, it is kind of like a click. It was quite distinct and I know it was a gun. Starting to really panic I called out to mum but for some reason I didn't want to be loud, maybe it was because I did not want to disturb whatever was in my room. Mum never came in because she is a heavy sleeper, but I told both mum and dad about it in the morning and I still wonder if they believe me.

The next thing that happened was a few months later.
Same deal, I was lying in my bed just dosing off to sleep when I am suddenly startled by the sound of a gun being shot in my room. I was terrified and hid under my blanket fearing to look out. I don't think I got any sleep that night. Again, I asked mum and dad about it in the morning but they said they heard nothing and I find that very hard to believe because that gunshot came from within my bedroom!

It scares me to think that I may have heard the sound of Mark's gun, the gun that killed him, in his old room.

I eventually moved out of that room, one of the reasons being that I was to frightened to go in there. I haven't told all of the things that went on in 'Mark's Room' but there have been flickering lights, doors swinging open (when they were fully closed and locked), eerie feelings and the suspected 'presence' of Mark in there.
I hope you found my story interesting.

Jess, Queensland, Australia
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