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Married To A Ghost

Anonymous, Cocas Island
November 2011

This is completely true, not one word of a lie. This is not my experience but an experience of my close relative, my great aunt. She lives now and is 89 years of age, and when I went to visit her in cocas island, she showed me many pictures and videos of herself. But she always said that there was someone else in the picture, she was old and a bit crazy and she lived on her own, but she said she lived with her husband.

She was never married and didn't have any children, but had 2 cats. She said to me she may sound a bit crazy but this is completely true - she was living with her husband and her 3 children happily in her big house.

We only found out about my great aunt in November 2003, so we didn't know much about her life before we met her. She told me many stories about her and her husband and how they lived a happy marriage.

She told me at first she was never able to see her husband but could touch him and feel him. She thought god was playing some sort of a trick on her by blinding her in her eyes. She then carried on talking about how she had got married in her garden, it was just her and her husband alone with a vicar who thought she was crazy because she was marrying someone that she couldn't physically see. But she said she had spent 3 years with him experiencing sexual and normal relationships so she had got used to the matter.

If you have any thought, comments or answers please can you comment, it would help a lot.

Anonymous, Cocas Island
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