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Matthews House

Keaki Ailina, MA, USA
October 2003

My family and I, ever since I can remember, have been involved with ghosts and the paranormal. The first thing I remember like that was when I was very young, 4 or 5.

In my cousin's first house (I think it was the 1st) was haunted. I hated staying there sometimes because I was always scared when I was by myself. When I was there, my cousins hamster disappeared. This may seem normal, but the last time my cousin and I left the room the books were on top of its cage, so it couldn't escape. When we left the room he locked the door and he was the only one with a key. Later, when we came back to the room, my cousin unlocked the door and walked over to his hamster cage. The books were still on top of the cage, but there was no hamster inside it. When my he took of the books and the lid of the cage and started feeling around inside the cage his eyes grew wide and he told me that it was gone. That same weekend, I was in his room with him and we were on a search for something (I don't remember what we were looking for). When he reached between the end of his bed and the wall, I saw him struggling to pull his hand out and he had a desperate look on his face. He pulled his hand free and backed away from his bed and up against the wall. He was panting and he told me that something had pulled his hand. We quickly left the room and didn't tell anyone.

Until now, I haven't repeated the experience except in my head. I've never spoken to my cousin about the hamster or what happened behind the bed. I don't really remember what my cousin and I told everyone about the hamster, but it wasn't what really happened.

Keaki Ailina, MA, USA
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