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Maybe It Was Grandpa

Heidi, Wisconsin, USA
October 2004

In March of 1999 my Grandpa passed away. About a month later I was driving home from work, down a county road that is used a lot for trucks. I was following another car that stopped to turn left into their driveway. I stopped behind them because it is illegal to pass on the shoulder and because there was a mailbox that was on the shoulder making it a tight squeeze to get by.

I was waiting patiently not paying attention to anything but the car in front of me when something made me, physically, go around the car. When I got to where my side mirror was about even with the other cars side mirror I heard brakes screeching and tires squealing. I looked in my rear-view mirror and saw a dump truck smash into the rear end of the car I was just waiting behind.

I was shaking so bad that I couldn't stop, I didn't stop until I got home about 10 miles away. It was then that I realized that something made me go around the car. And I tend to believe it was my Grandpa looking out for his "Blink."

Heidi, Wisconsin, USA
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