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Maybe Its A Guardian Angel

Adam Hofman, NSW, Australia
October 2004

Hi my name is Adam and I used to live in Charlestown, Newcastle with my dad Chris, and my step mother Heidi. Charlestown was where these weird happenings were first encountered.

My fathers a furniture removalist and used to travel interstate fairly often my step mother was at home by her self one night and I was at my mothers. When I arrived home the next morning this is what Heidi had to tell me:
"I was sitting on the lounge watching TV at around 11pm when a soft ear piercing noise surrounded me. And a light shone from the skirting board at the top of the wall and stretched from one side of the room to the other".
That was the first and only phenomenon that happened at Charlestown. The next three experiences happened to me, and one of the three involved one of my mates Brenton at Marks Point about thirty minutes south of Newcastle.

The first was a dark and mysterious figure at the top of the stairs, it was like something was there but it wasnt and I had heard that taking a photo can show you things that arent normally there so I went to get a camera from the cupboard above the pantry but by the time I got back the figure had disappeared.

The second was extremely frightening to me. my father had gone to Melbourne for work and Heidi had gone with him. You know when you sit on a lounge and you make an imprint in the lounge from your backside and where your arms rest on a one seated lounge?. Well there was an imprint in the lounge like someone was really sitting there but no one was there. This was really scary considering I was alone at three am.

This was the last experience that has happened:

Me and a friend Brenton were sitting on the lounge just listening to music when the music suddenly turned down, I thought I must have sat on the remote but the remote was clearly sitting on the coffee table, so I stood up and turned it back up and it turned back down. I turned it off and it stayed off for a matter of seconds and it turned back on. It was a rather old stereo so I thought it must have been a malfunction until this happened.
I knelt down to pull it out the power point and I felt a cold rush flow through my body as I pulled it out of the power point when I did so the sudden chill disappeared and the stereo was off but then it turned back on. I only wish I could explain all of this but obviously I cant.

Ever since these happenings my fathers been to a psychic and has been told its his cousin Lisa who was hit by a car at the age of seven and killed.
My dad lives in Melbourne now and still sees amazing things in the house so she has followed him and is said to be his guardian angel.

Adam Hofman, NSW, Australia
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