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Texas, USA
January 2000

This is my life, and I'm going to tell you what happens in my life and my home.

I live in a lonely part of Texas that's known for it's high paranormal acts. My house just turns out to be one of the main ones. I moved to this house when I was in the second grade. The day we were fully moved in, things started to happen. I was alone in my bedroom, around ten years old, trying to get to sleep. All I did was happen to open my eyes to see a blank face in the corner of the room. I screamed my head off, and my Mom and dad came running in. They didn't even see it. I was pointing at it, crying hysterically, but they kept saying they couldn't see anything. That started it all.

Thats when I discovered that I could only see them. Sure stuff has fallen from nowhere in front of my parents, but they can't see them like I do. Like one time I came into my parent's room to talk to them, and one of "them" was sitting in the middle of the bed listening intently to each of them as if they were in the conversation too.

The ghost saw me, and threw my Mom's favorite vase at me, and broke it against the wall. My Mom could only start to cry, when my dad asked "Was it here?"

Over the seven years I have lived in this house, I could say that everything in my house has moved before, including ourselves. My brother sat down to read a book, but he wasn't. He was floating in mid-air. Since he didn't scream, he didn't fall down right away, but once he did, he fell instantly down.

I would also like to tell you other things that have happened in my house. You could be just sitting there, and out of the blue it could all of the sudden start to get extremely cold. How long the cold is in the room states weather the ghost walked through the room, or sat down and stayed.

One time I was in the living room watching T.V. and it suddenly got extremely cold in there. My sister, and I noticed it right away, and wondered what might happen.

It stayed in there for as long as we had the T.V. on. When something was funny, the air waved. Like from hot to cold really fast. Then we tried to change the station but the ghost kept changing the station back to what it wanted to watch. WE finally won but a lamp went flying through the room, and it got hot again. Or it could just get cold in the room and hot in the room, that tells me that one of them was just walking through. As you can tell we have a lot of them. Not just one of them. Some of them are nice and some of them are very angry. The angry ones throw things, and the nice ones just follow you around and do whatever you do. Not just our family has experienced this but our friends have to.

Now we have an extremely huge backyard that is said to be haunted just as well as the house (which it is), so my friends and I like to go outside into the backyard and play hide-n-go seek. Well, one time we stupidly decided to go at midnight because we thought it would be really cool since it would be so dark.

The trees in our backyard are also hundred feet tall l(7 big ones), and the rest small. One of the big trees has a point in it that looks like a head is sticking out of the tree. Well that one time we were playing hide-n-seek my friends started to say that the point kept moving and smiling at them, and started moving from tree to tree. We kept hearing moaning and seeing the dead man hanging from the tree(which is a legendary story in our backyard) we ran like crazy back inside.

There has been so much that has happened to me, I can't explain it.

I now have an update for you. I have found out the inside ghost's name, and all about her. Her name is Margarite, and she is six years old. She died in the house that I now live in. I found out this certain information from my Grandpa, who was her brother. She died from pneumonia or something like that. Her, and I have become better friends now. I'm not scared of her anymore, and I actually feel way better when she is in the room with me. She's like the little sister I never had, except dead. She calms me when I'm scared by just being near me, and she also protects me from the outside ghost, hangman, who is very bad indeed. He was hung in my backyard way back in the 1800's for robbery. I found this out by looking in the history books. I was kinda surprised to see my house in the book. Whenever I hear him stalking my house from the outside (he can't come inside) Margarite comes by and takes care. I'm also alone alot so she keeps me company. She is still a normal 6 year old though and she does go through her tantrums, still. But I pretty much know when to expect them now. Now the weird thing is that I get those weird chills wherever I go, even if I'm far away from house. Weird isn't it? Sometimes I feel like she travels with me, but I know it's probably some other ghosts. I told you earlier that I think I have a gift, and I still think I do. I just wish I knew how to use it in the right way.

One word of advice: Listen to Them.

Texas, USA
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