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Meme's Birthday Visit

Tracey Lemire, Ontario, Canada
November 2002

My Meme died when I was 15 years old. A couple of years later, on my Meme's birthday, I was home alone sleeping in bed sometime in the morning. I heard noises coming from my bedroom phone next to my bed as if someone was dialing out from another phone in the house. Nobody else was in the house with me. I got up and looked around the house. The dog, a little miniature yorkie, started barking at the backdoor entrance. I looked outside the door. Nobody was there. I didn't think much of the whole thing.

Later that day, my Mom came home with a friend. They were sitting at the table talking near the backdoor entrance. My Mom looked in the direction of the backdoor entrance and just stared at what appeared to be nothing to her friend and I. Her face went pale. She told us she had seen her Mother, my Meme.

It was my Meme's birthday and we believe she came for a visit.

The month before she died, I told my Mom 3 times, Meme was going to die soon. My Pepe, who died when I was 1 year old told me in my dreams. Her death was sudden from a heart aneurysm.

Many times I have had 'flying dreams' where Meme was in them, or smelled her perfume 'Timeless' in my sleep. I was her tenth grandchild.

Now I am 29 years old, and my first daughter is her tenth great grandchild with the same rare eyes as my Meme. One day when my daughter was 5 months old, I picked up some photographs from a portrait studio. Right away, the saleswoman asked me if I was related to Brenda Parent (my Meme) because my baby looked just like her. The lady was right, and we had never met her before.

Tracey Lemire, Ontario, Canada
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