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Midnight Cabinet Ghost

Sean Breheney, NJ, USA
June 2001

Before my family and I moved to the current house that we live in, and before the family that lived here before us moved in there lived a man and his family. The man was about 40 years old.

During one cold winter day, the man went outside to shovel the part of the driveway that is right in front of the kitchen window. Because the snow was heavy and wet, alot of stress was put on this man while he was shoveling.

After a while, due to the fact that he was getting older, he had a heart attack right there in the driveway. Unfortunately, the man died in that very place, right in front of the kitchen window. It was snowing at that time.

Two or three decades later, our family was having a Christmas Eve party at our house. Our whole family was over, and we were having loads of fun. I was about ten at this time. Eventually, as the night went by and it got late, our weary family members left for home. My immediate family held our traditional gift exchanging, and we all went to bed. It was about midnight at that time. It was snowing.

Two or three hours later, as any ten year old would, I rose out of bed unable to wait for the next morning. In order to not wake my parents, I crept out into the family room where the Christmas tree was. As I passed the pitch black kitchen, I felt uneasy, because I could not see in it. It felt like something was. I blew it off, and lay down on the couch. After about half an hour, I started to doze off. As I started to do so, I heard something in the kitchen. I said to myself that it was my imagination and proceeded to fall asleep. As I started to close my eyes for the second time, I heard the same noise again. It sounded as if someone was opening and closing the kitchen cabinets. Scared more than courageous, I got up and went walked up to the kitchen. As I did this, the sound got louder and more violent.

When the kitchen was in view, the noise was as loud as ever. It sounded as if the cabinets would break off their hinges. When I saw what was happening, I could confidently say that I needed a new pair of pants. The cabinets were indeed opening and slamming shut, but I could see no one doing it.

I saw a blur of faint light by the cabinets, but I did not stay to find out. I bolted into my parents room, not knowing what would be behind me. They said that I looked as if I had seen a ghost. I quickly let out what had happened and they took me into the kitchen. All of the cabinets were closed, and there was no blur of light. Disappointed, my parents headed back to bed.

I took a look out the window to see if it had stopped snowing or not. Sure enough, it was still snowing heavily, and amidst the falling snow I saw a large figure with a shovel standing in the driveway staring in the window at me. I turned to tell my parents what I had seen, but when I turned back, the dark figure was gone.

All I can say is that after that paranormal experience, I make sure that I am never alone in the house alone when it is snowing. Especially by the kitchen window.

Believe it or not, but this really truly happened.

This is my story.

Sean Breheney, NJ, USA
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