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Midnight Madness

Nicole, Ohio, USA
February 2001

Before I begin my story I must give you a little info. This story is true and has been told to me by my mom for years.

We come from a small town in Kentucky, called Manchester. Not very big and not a lot of people live there. It's one of those every one knows every one towns. Well so on, in Manchester my mom grew up in a hollow. It was up this big long winding road and their house was built at the main end no other houses around. And mind you the roads were gravel they hadn't really heard of concrete driveway's yet. And up this hill there were no street lights not to mention a huge graveyard on your way up the hill.

My mother never liked to walk up the hill alone she said she got an eerie feeling. So one night one of her girlfriends called her up and ask her to grab a bite to eat with her, she said yes only if you bring me back up the hill when you drop my off. (they had a tendency to let her out a the bottom of the hill because they didn't want to tear their car up on the gravel road). The girl agreed so they went out with a few other friends and it started to get late. They headed home, as they approached my mom's stop the girl decided she didn't want to take her car up the hill, and told my mom she would be ok walking up the hill. Of course she was terrified of doing this.

The girls pulled off to leave my mom to walk up the hill alone in the dark. After she had been walking up the hill for about ten minutes she noticed footsteps behind her. She turned around and was not very surprised to find no one there. So she walked faster and the footsteps increased. All of the sudden she felt this hot breath on the back of her neck as she ran. Whatever was behind her was taunting her, saying to her in a very gruff voice "are you scared, can't you run any faster Debra" yes it called her by name!.

At this point she's only half way up the hill (told you it was a long road). My mother was terrified, she thought she was going to pass out. As she rounded the curve whatever it was backed off. Once she was in her yard she turned around to see red eyes staring her down, they were positioned at the beginning of her yard. There was hysterical laughing coming from the same place and it then told her "There's always the next time Debra, and I'll be waiting!". She ran into the house screaming and crying and told her parents what happened. Of course they thought she had been drinking. And no she had not.

Any way no more late night walks for her. Sorry it was so long I tried to give as many details as I could to help you better understand. Thanks for reading.

Nicole, Ohio, USA
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