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Mike's Room

Hawaii, USA
October 1998

Mike didn't believe in ghosts too much and did play with Ouija boards. Then one day, he saw a Hawaiian Ghost. Mike live's in an area where an ancient Hawaiian battle took place. He had a large room and this is where we, his friends hung out. One night, he had his girlfriend sleep over. She slept on the other single bed while he slept in his usual bed. About 5am, according to Mike, he woke up with a feeling that someone was stepping on him. He opened his eyes a little bit because he was scared. To his surprise, there were a pair of large man's feet, floating above his head. He was so scared that he couldn't muster enough strength to scream. He could see his girlfriend sleeping soundly on the other side of the room. (Hawaii never gets pitch black at night.) BUT there was someone's feet floating above his head. It also had some Ti leave anklets around his feet, and Mike emphasized that it was rather muscular. This is the type of feet you would see on old pictures of Hawaiian Warriors. After three tries, Mike eventually let out a small "peep" and the feet disappeared.

After that incident, his Hawaiian friend said that sometimes a Hawaiian person can send a spirit to you as a curse. I think it is because of all those times that he played with the Ouija board and called some spirit to his room. Nonetheless, he proceeded to go and get some Ti leaves and stapled it throughout the house. (Ti leaves are used for good luck and ward off evil spirits) Then he sprinkled Hawaiian salt all over the place, especially in corners.( Hawaiian salt is like rock salt except it is usually sea water salt and tastes a little different). He wasn't bothered by it again but to think the room we usually hung out at was haunted is kinda spooky.

Hawaii, USA
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