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Military Ghost

Donna, NC, USA
December 2000

I am 21 years old and have always had the ability to see and feel spirits but nothing like I began to the summer of '98.

I was a bit of a partier and used to spend all my time with my best friends, we even worked together. I had always told them of my gift but when you tell someone something like that they kind of just shrug it off.

Carla, Erin, and I were sitting around one night playing cards and just being girls when all of the sudden I had a very unusual feeling, that there was a young man the age of about well in his twenties and in the army or navy or something like that and he was laughing at us. I really couldn't see him but I know he was there. So I told them there is a man here and he is laughing. I also told them the age and military thing. They just stopped and asked me "what are telling us this for, we have to live in this house you know?!" So for the rest of the night I went on feeling and hearing him but not seeing him and I didn't say anything.

About two weeks after that Carla called me hysterical one morning ( I should have told you earlier they had lived there for about a year) and said she was lying in her bed, that faces the window, and noticed a little gray thing poking out above the pine trees. So she got up and got her son and walked through the pines. At the end of the pines was a cemetery. Upon entering the cemetery the first thing she saw was a veterans head stone. He was 22 and had been in the military. Like I said before they had lived there a year and never noticed that grave yard.

Strange things had happened there before I guess now they know why.

Donna, NC, USA
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