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Miracle Clock

Rhiannon, QLD, Australia
November 2005

My grandad died of cancer a few months ago. He died in the Mackay Mater Hospital. His time of death was 5:55pm exactly. The next morning after his death, I walked out into my kitchen and I sat down at the dinner table with my mum who was already awake. She made me a coffee and we started talking about what we were going to do that day. We finished talking and there was an odd silence. I heard a ticking, like a clock ticking coming from on top of a wooden cabinet we have beside our kitchen. I looked up; and got the shock of my life! There on top of the cabinet was my mum's ceramic clock ticking away like any other normal clock. The thing that was scary was, that this ceramic clock had not worked for 11 years! We had bought it from a store 11 years ago, but it never worked. Even with the right batteries, it refused to work. This was extremely scary for me and my mum. My mum was so shocked that she rang my grandmother (my dead grandad's wife). She told her about it and she nearly fainted.

We went out that afternoon; but when we came home the ceramic clock had stopped working. But the thing was that it had stopped working on 5:55pm! How freaky! That ceramic clock still starts and stops to this day, except whenever it stops, it ALWAYS lands on 5:55pm. We now think that this is a sign from our grandad saying that he is still with us.

Rhiannon, QLD, Australia
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