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Mirror Mirror

Lizzy Colby, Maine, USA
October 2002

I live in Brunswick, Maine. I've lived here for about five years now in the same house with the same room (though I have tried to switch with my sister). I know that many people don't belive what I have to say, so I beg you to at least listen and help me explain what is going on.

My room is normal with a dresser/mirror, bed, book shelves and piles of dirty clothes and homework. The mirror (which was bought the same time as the house) is across from my book shelves and part of my bed.

It started out that as soon as I would come home from school, (I was the first one home) I would throw all my stuff in my room and then go look for a snack and watch TV.

It was a few weeks into the school year and I'd gotten into my habit of going to my room first and dumping my books onto my bed when I looked up at the mirror and (I swear upon my dead relatives and the ones who aren't feeling to good) I saw something behind me.

When I say something I mean I saw someone. I remember being really freaked out and turning around to see who the visitor was and (like most stories out there) I saw nothing.

When my sister came home I told her about it and all she had to say was something along the lines of "I knew you would go sometime.". I shook the feelings off and went about like nothing happened.

I had forgotten about it by the next day when I went into my room and had that feeling that someone's watching me. Sure enough, when I looked into the mirror there it was again.

After taking a good look at it (after whipping around and giving a good loud yelp) I figured out it was a woman. I still don't know how old she is or what time period or anything helpful like that. All I know is that once in a while I see a woman in my room, right in front of my book shelves, who only shows up in my mirror.

On countless tries to show my sister and parents she never appears. So I'm picked on constantly by my family about seeing ghosts and the dead and what not.

I'm use to her by now, always watching me from the mirror, never speaking or moving much.

I don't know what I going on and I would love to have someone try to give me an answer or to hear from anyone who knows what I'm going through. Thank you very much for helping me.


Lizzy Colby, Maine, USA
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