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Mirror Writing

Beth, UK
February 2006

This experience happened to me a while ago. I hope you believe me...

It was around 8:00pm on a Sunday night, and it was going to be the first day back at school from the summer brake. Over the summer I hadn't really seen my friends, and I was really looking forward to going back to school. The summer had been sunny,but this day was wet and absolutely pouring.

I had been up the park in the rain, walking my dog and as you can imagine I was DRENCHED! I got home, and decided to have a shower to be nice and clean for the following monday. I got a towel from the aireane cupboard, and went through the long narrow hallway to the bathroom.

We live in this house that upstairs had a hallway with bedrooms coming off of it, but at the top of the stairs was a long and narrow hallway leading to my bathroom with my shower in it. I walked along the hallway, and went into the bathroom. In the corner opposite the shower was a square, small mirror. You can normally see it from inside the shower,but when I got in the shower and it steamed up the shower walls, I lost site of the mirror.

I was in the shower for a long time. Not as long as I had realized. My mum shouted along the corridor that it was now 9:00pm and I had to get out. I turned the shower off and squeezed my hair out. I got out of the shower and reached for my towel. It wasn't there on the radiator where I had left it. I looked around the bathroom, when I saw the mirror.

My towel was scrunched up on the floor underneath the mirror, but I hardly noticed. On the mirror, written in steam, were the words "YOU SHOULD LEAVE." I sighed, pucked up my towel and rubbed the words off. I had thought it was one of my sisters playing a joke. It wasn't until I had gotten into my bedroom when I remembered that I would have seen or heard one of my sisters come in the bathroom. I got into my pyjamas and went along to the bathroom again. It was just how I had left it a few minutes earlier.

Later that evening, around 1-2:00am I woke up and needed the loo. I went along the dark hallway, and turned into the bathroom. What I saw made my blood run cold in my veins. By the mirror was a figure,all white, with a face filled with fear,writing on the mirror in toothpaste. It looked at me, and for a moment, I thought it would come straight at me. But it just stared at me with its cold,empty eyes, and then it was gone.I walked gingerly to the mirror to read the writing. It said, "I WARNED YOU." I was really scared,whipped the writing off with a hand-towel, and went back into my room.

In the morning, I had thought it was all a dream. I even looked at the hand-towel, but there was no toothpaste on it. I naturally assumed it was a dream. But since then, my mum has claimed going in to my bathroom to clean, and felt a freezing cold breeze run up her spine, reach her collar bone, run up her neck and stop. My dad has claimed nothing, but I think that its just because he's too scared to go into my bathroom.

It got drastically worse over the next few weeks.My mum stopped going in there completely,the chill got so bad. My dad sent out for window-fitters to come and fix a draught, but they couldn't find any fault. My cocker- spaniel, Mipsy, stopped going in there as well. If you try to get her down that corridor, she will wine and whimper 'till she gets free. My sisters never used the bathroom anyway,as it was mine, but have claimed to have felt a very cold breeze down the corridor.

I go in there a lot, since it is MY bathroom. I have never felt a cold chill, just a sense of uneasiness. My dad bought me a new mirror, but on the 2nd night I had had it up, it "fell" off its nail and smashed. I had to put my old mirror up, being a girl and needing to do my make-up every morning. But then one night, a few days after I had put my old mirror back up, I went in there and found some writing on the mirror. It was incredibly blurred, but I think it said "GOOD LUCK".

Since then there have been no more incidents. I do not know what "good luck" is meant to mean, and I really hope I don't find out.

Beth, UK
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