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Missing Ouija Board

Mick Summerfield, NSW, Australia
December 2003

This happened maybe 15 years ago, when I was 17.

A few friends had been conducting a lot of seances, and telling me that they work. And me, being the disbeliever, challenged them to prove it.

So one Friday night, my parents and brother were going away for the weekend, so I invited three friends round to my house to try and prove to me that you really are able to contact "The Other Side". I had my monopoly board turned upside down, with letters and numbers etc. cut out of paper to be placed on the board to use as a Ouija board.

My friends turned up. We sat one either side of the board on the living room floor. All lights were out. The only light was made by the flickering candle we had beside the board.

We all sat there with a finger on a small glass that we were using as a pointer. One of my friends started trying to communicate. And while he was doing this, the candle flame was getting bigger, then dying down, and jumping all over the place. I just put this down to a breeze, or someone blowing it. after 10 - 15 minutes, nothing else had happened, and I said to my mates, "I told you this doesn't work".. At that very moment, the entire board started sliding ever so slowly on the carpet towards my legs. There was no possible way that anyone in the room could have been moving the board like that. SO I pulled my finger off the glass, and the board stopped, it freaked me out a bit. I said, that's enough of that...

2 of my friends then left to go home, my other mate and myself were going out, and we had just left everything from this seance on the living room floor. This is where it gets strange. We left the house, and came back a few hours later. I walked through the door, and everything was still on the living room floor, except for the board. All the letters, etc. that had been cut out, were in a neat pile where the board had been, but the monopoly board was nowhere to be found, and to this very day I still have not found it. So suffice to say I had to go out and buy a complete new monopoly game to replace the board in the old one.

Mick Summerfield, NSW, Australia
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