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Missing Screws

October 2004

My wife and I have been fixing up our home this fall. In doing so we took out the upper windows in the attic. I had to take out four wood screws to remove the window. After the window was fixed and painted ready for installation I reached for the four wood screws and they were gone. I knew right were they were put when I removed them, but they were gone. I searched everywhere in the room and even went outside to look on the ground thinking they may have fallen from the window sill. After much searching I gave up and found some screws in my jar where I keep an assortment of things. When I got back to put the rest of the window in I reached for the four screws that I had found in the jar. Too my surprise there were eight screws!!! The four I had found in my jar and the other four that were missing right beside them.

I can't explain this happening. I'm 55 years old and lived in this house for over 23 years. This really makes me wonder about the spirit world and beyond.

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