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Mobile Home Haunting

Anonymous, TN, USA
October 2015

Me and my family have lived in our mobile home since I was little and have always saw and heard things. For example, when I was a baby, I became afraid of my room and would not sleep in it. So I was put in bed to sleep with my mother and my father would sleep in my room. He awoke one night to a child with an aura around it playing with my toys. He asked the child what he was doing thinking it was me, and the boy looked at him and carried my stuffed rabbit to the door and disappeared. I would play with the little boy as a toddler but he never came around again.

We have also saw the shadow of a man. He always walks through the hall into the bathroom and nowhere else. He's a tall, slim man. I once had a dream of the man. I did not see his face, but in the dream he was laying on my bed in the dark and said "I'm going to tell you everything that happened here" but I woke up.

As a child I would wake up in the summer mornings with my dad gone to work and my mother still asleep in bed. I could lay there and hear dishes in the kitchen rattling and people in the living room talking but when I would walk out of my room, there would be nothing. Another strange thing was that my mother had a dream of our home with a man and a child living in it. Some men came and pried the door open and murdered the man and boy. This was about a month after we purchased our home, and when my mother told my father about the dream, he went to look at the door and found that it had been pried open at one point.

I remember once when I was 11, I was lying in bed at night and began hearing footsteps coming from my closet towards my bed. I ran to my parents room and wouldn't step foot in my bedroom for 2 weeks. We've had the speakerphone on our landline come on and start dialing numbers and heard beating on our doors without anybody being outside.

What got my mind on this sinker again was a week ago I woke up a few minutes before 5 a.m.. I normally wake up at 5 for work so I laid there awake waiting for my alarm to go off. I then heard footsteps coming from my parents room to my room. I assumed it was one of my parents coming to wake me up but the dark figure of a woman appears at my door. She was around 5'2, the height of my mother, slightly chubby and had hair down a little below her shoulders. She stood there facing me for about 5 seconds and disappeared.

A few weeks before that, it was a calm sunny day with not even a breeze. I was sitting on the steps outside where beside them sits an old metal rocking chair that belonged to my deceased great grandmother. It began rocking back and forth very fast and when I reach out to grab it, it stopped completely.

As I've grown up, I've learned to not fear whatever also lives here. They do no harm to me or my family. I do not fear them, but I wonder. I wonder what happened to them and why, after all these years, are they still so active? I've researched online for anything relating to the boy and man and this mobile home but I have had no luck. Once my mother contacted the lot that the mobile home came from about the stuff that had happened and they told her there had been reports of strange things happening in it while it was on the lot. I just wonder what happened but I'll more than likely never know. Anyway, that is my story. Thank you to anyone who takes the time to read it.

Anonymous, TN, USA
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