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May 2005

About 15 years ago my mother had open heart surgery, I was living in Illinois at the time and my mother was in Alabama. Due to a conflict at my job I was unable to be with her on the day of the surgery. This upset me a great deal but my mom was alright about it, so the night before the operation I called her room and we talked for a long time.

The next morning I was sitting at my dining room table eating breakfast (at least trying too) and thinking of my mom, when I turned around and looked into my kitchen, and there my mom stood!!! I dropped everything in my hands and just stared, I could see her as plain as day, what color top she had on and what pants she was wearing and I even could see her purse she had on her arm; and then I slowly started to realize that I could see through her and that she wasn't solid. I started to cry thinking that my mom had passed away and had come to tell me good bye. Then the phone rang and when I turned back to my mom, after answering it, she was gone. On the phone was my dad telling me that mom was alright, that she had come through the operation just fine.

I have heard of people appearing to love ones when they die, but I guess mom came to me, knowing how upset I was that I could not be with her.

I still have my mom with me, and I still talk about this whenever we get together. Mom laughs when I describe the purse she had with her, she keeps telling me that she would never use that purse with those pants because they don't match!!

I have enjoyed this web site and I hope you have enjoyed my story.

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