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Jill Harper, CA, USA
June 2002

My mom died June 24, 2001. She was only 54, on disability and had just acquired a home that she was moving into. She died suddenly and unexpectedly. I miss her and just so happen to ask for her guidance that evening in a decision I am trying to make. Here is my story as I told it to my friends via email:

I had the most incredible "dream" last night! If I was on the stand, in front of a jury, I would have to say it were real. But, I can't call it anything else BUT a dream right now. I woke up around 3:00 this morning, so I got up out of bed, went to the restroom, got a glass of juice, and returned to my room. I tossed and turned and DID NOT fall asleep. My ears started to vibrate (my entire head actually) intensely. It sounded like when you tap your ear lightly (try it) but it was too fast to do on my own. I opened my eyes, and on my pillow was a small triangular green flashing light. I heard children laughing. They sounded like they were right in my room. My eyes were open. I decided to, after taking a deep breath, look over at the point of where the laughter seemed to be coming from.

At first my vision was bad. I could not see anything. It looked like a honey comb over my eyes. Some spots I could see through, others were black. After straining for a while, I began to focus. I then saw two young girls and a woman. The three people were not in my room, but they were occupying the same space as my room, Like I was looking into another dimension. They were actually in a sunny environment. I could see, outside the honeycomb, my room. I don't know why, but I waved at one of the little girls. She was the only one that was looking at me. She said "hi Jill". I thought "Oh God, I can't believe she can see me". She then said "Jill, I can't hear you" The little girl then told the lady to "go touch her ankle so she knows we are real". I reached my hand out to the woman, I was frightened for her to touch my ankle, as that is what they do in horror movies. Her hand touched mine and I WAS WIDE AWAKE! I felt her, it was so real! She sat down on my bed, I said (via mind) "are you from heaven". She said "no" I then asked "are you from hell". She smiled, made me nervous for a minute, but then she said "no". "Where are you from then?" I responded. I then followed up by saying "We are from everywhere aren't we?" She said "yes". I said "I am tired". She said "go to sleep then". So I laid my head back down, not to sleep, but to just think.

Then the mood changed in the room, so I looked around, no one was there. I thought it was over. But then the vibration began again. I was not as nervous this time. At this point, I had my right hand over my head, I then felt a firm grip on my wrist. I reached my left hand over to feel the person, but as soon as I did, I heard and felt the grip release. You know how skin against skin makes a sound when pulled away? Anyway, that is when I heard my mom's voice say "Jill, everything is okay". That was when I knew it was over. I shot out of bed and wrote it all down in my journal. It is messy, but at least it is down in writing!

I was wide awake! It was incredible! I wanted to tell someone so bad! The whole thing ended at 4:30 am. After making notes of what happened I went and made coffee and got ready for work.

I hope you enjoyed my 'dream'


Jill Harper, CA, USA
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