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Mom's House

Megan Dugas, Michigan, USA
August 1999

Ialways thought that there was something strange in my mom's house. Not really anything you could put your finger on, but just a back of the mind feeling. The front part of the house, where all of the bedrooms are, was built in the 1890's. I never really thought about it, but that is probably because I'd lived there all my life.

The first thing that made me really think that I wasn't alone all the time happened when I was in 9th grade. One night I was studying Biology, and all of the sudden a music box I had just started to play. It didn't wind up, it just played six or seven notes. I promptly got up and left my room. The next night when I was about to get to sleep, I heard the front door of the house slam shut. The freaky thing about that was that it was around two in the morning. The next day I asked my mom if anyone had shut the door around then, and she said no, everyone was asleep. I would have been more than happy by this time to have a nice quiet night, I didn't get to be happy yet. The following night I shut my light off for the night. As soon as I had turned it off, I suddenly hear something knocking on my door. But as soon as I turned my light back on, the knocking stopped. Nothing more happened for a long while.

I think that whoever was there never meant any harm. I think that he just wanted to know what was going on. The only time things happened was when something changed. The last time I had anything happen was right after I got a new bed. The first time I slept in the bed, when I was waking up I though that I saw a man about to fall into me. My mom's house has always been strange, my mom will never again sleep in the room that I had my experiences in. Sleeping in that room gave her nightmares. My husband was glad when we moved out because he had bad dreams most of the time he lived there.

That's about all there is, it's not much. I hope that you like it.

Megan Dugas, Michigan, USA
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