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Mom's Story (1)

Lou and Diana Lorenzo
April 1998

Hello, I have a chilling but true story I would like you to read...
It is about something that happened to my mom...It all starts out like this...

One day my moms old boyfriend (this was before I was born) was in a graveyard visiting his dead mother. He was walking out when he saw a tombstone that was severed from the ground...He picked it up and drove off. He took it to my moms old apartment. She asked what it was doing here and why he had it. He said he was going to leave it with her. She agreed. That same night while she was sleeping she was woken by a laughing noise. She looked and she saw a little boy about 5 years of age...She thought it was my older brother and told him to go back to sleep. But when she looked over at his bed he was there asleep. She wanted to scream but she was afraid. After a while the little boy looked at her and said "are you my mommy?" My mother said no and the boy just faded away and disappeared.

She told my brother and me about it only last year...It happened 20 years ago...She knew it wasn't a dream because she said she pinched her self and it hurt...Her name for the boy was "The Laughing Ghost"since it was laughing and playing till it asked about his mother and faded away...This is entirely true.... what do you think???

Lou and Diana Lorenzo
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