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Mom's Story (2)

Melanie, USA
May 2002

I don't remember ever having had any supernatural experiences, so I asked my mother if anything odd ever happened and this was her reply:

"Justin (my youngest brother) said that in the last house, he kept seeing the ghost of the dog that died when that house caught fire a year or two before we lived in it. He says that Jay (my oldest brother) heard the dog a couple of times, too. (Justin and I both remember hearing that the dog's body was found in what ended up being the boys' room.)

Also, when I (my mom) was a kid, the house we lived in in Thompson may have been haunted (but not by malevolent-type spirits). When we moved into the house, Grandma and Grandpa had an Episcopal priest and his family come for a weekend so that they could bless the house. In that, the priest and everyone there take candles and form a circle in each room of the house and pray to bless each room and then the whole house. In the room to the left when you first walk into the house, several people in the circle had their candles blow out. It wasn't even candles that were in a line or any kind of pattern, so it wasn't like a breeze blowing out the candles. It was first one, then another, then two more. During the three years we lived there, we'd hear sounds during the day and night (usually late afternoons and early nights) that would even get the dog barking. We never found anything; no one had broken in, we never found any squirrels in the house--nothing that would be a rational reason. There were two staircases outside my bedroom door. (There were two doors to my room: one between Amy's and my room, and one to the back part of the house. It was outside of the second door that the staircases were, one going up,and one going down.) There were times that I'd hear footsteps going up and down the stairs, but no one was ever there. Hmmm.....

I don't know of any other ghosts right off..."

Not too exciting but that's the story.

Melanie, USA
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