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Mom Passed the Gift

Christine, Manitoba, Canada
March 2005

I have two stories but I’m going to start off with the one my friend told me, that eventually led to my own experience...

We live out in the middle of the desert, surround by a vast history of old mining camps and towns that were created during the silver rush in the late 1800's. There have been plenty of odd things, many unexplainable events that have happened in this valley, some of which I will never forget, nor will my friend.

My friend's house is magnet for paranormal activity. When we would discuss experiences, she'd always have plenty of strange and creepy stories to tell, but I remember clearly about the story of the handprints on her window. She lived in a doublewide mobile home. It's the norm out here, and the usually always on stilts, so the windows are hard to reach unless your a tall adult. But one late night she sat on her bed, she looked out the window and saw small childlike handprints materializing on her window... it was as if somebody was climbing up her window to the top. After that she boarded up her window and kept it covered with a blanket... and that was the end of that for at least a while...

Months later I came over to spend the night... I reminded her of the story when I finally saw her room for the first time and pointed at the window. Her room had a mellow, relaxed feeling, so I thought nothing of it after that. But on the second night of staying there something odd happened. I slept on the edge of her bed, and for some reason I became extremely restless. I tried to go to sleep but when I did I would keep waking up an hour later... Then it hit me like a dream... The temperature in the room dropped so fast I couldn't believe what was happening... I felt a strange feeling something was in the bedroom other then my friend and I and yet the door didn't open... I pushed out the night fatigue out of my eyes and saw a misty form coming to my side of the bed... It had to have been at least 3 feet tall, because the bed was so short. I could feel little hands pulling at my sheets... I got nervous of course, being the pansy I am, and pulled the sheets over my eyes. But it still didn’t leave, it went from pulling at my sheets to playing with my hair and pulling at it. Finally I got fed up and went back to sleep, I realized it was harmless. The next day I explained my experience to my friend, she too had similar experiences before and stated she had her reasons for trying to sleep in the middle of the bed and not at the sides. I eventually concluded that the spirit was maybe child, thus connecting it to the hand prints on the window. There was also the rumor of a child that was murdered out in this side of town several years ago, but who knows. I suppose whatever it was, it just wanted to play

Christine, Manitoba, Canada
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