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Mommy She Wont Let Us Leave!

Gloria, Canada
July 2003

Hey there, my name's Gloria, I'm a 29-year-old mother of two girls: Macie (6) and Sarah (9), and I would like to tell you what has been happening to me since I moved into my new home.

It all started out fine. We bought a very nice little house. It was one of those dream homes, and we were one of those dream families: A dad, a mom, two kids, a dog and two cats. But anyways, we moved in rather quickly. All of us instantly felt warm and cosy in the house, except my youngest daughter Macie. She didn't want to go in the house at first and when she finally did she cried and told me she was cold.

One of my cats, Snowball, was also afraid of the house and acted very tense when inside, huddling by my dog and my other cat (they had formed a sort of alliance together: Whenever one is scared, sad, uncomfortable etc. it goes to the other two for comfort). I thought it was because she had just given birth to 8 kittens, and still felt protective by instinct. So I just shrugged the strange behavior off.

After about two weeks of staying in a cramped hotel room with the family pets in a kennel, we finally finished furnishing the house and it looked marvelous by now, even better then before. It looked beautiful on the inside and the outside. But what bothered me was the eerie sensations I got when alone in the house. But I ignored that (as much as I could) because I guess I didn't WANT to believe... yet.

One night, shortly after moving into the house, I was putting Macie to bed when she began to cry. "What's wrong honey?" I asked her. She was crying like something had upset her real bad, and Macie was not one to be upset easy. It was Sarah, my oldest, who was the sensitive one. "I don't wanna go in my room mommy." She said in between sobs. "David might come back." I was puzzled by this because no body in our whole family was named David and we didn't know any David either. "Who's David?" I asked. Macie just stared at me, not saying a word. Then after a few minutes she spoke. "David is the tall man who comes in my room every night and scares me." Macie began to cry again, and not just quietly, but roaring sobs. "I don't wanna sleep in my room mommy!" Macie yelled. I began to get aggravated with her and told her to just close her eyes and go to sleep. But She wouldn't calm down and got even more upset once I turned off the lights and went downstairs. Macie screamed her head off upstairs for I don't know how long, until my husband finally went to check on her. He hated it when children cried. For some reason it upset him. Anyways, a few minutes later, Rob (my husband) came downstairs with Macie in his arms (still bawling) and said, "Uh, Hun? You might wanna take a look at this." I frowned and thought that Macie had maybe done something like throw her toys everywhere. On the rare occasions when Macie was upset she'd throw her toys across her room. But when I entered Macie's room, I almost passed out. Written on her wall in red paint (I HOPE!) were the words: "Macie, wanna play?" I immediately woke Sarah and we all went to a near-by hotel, and later got a priest to bless the house.

We didn't have any more encounters until Stella came along...

Every once in a while, Macie would get herself an imaginary friend... and Sarah would tease Macie about it until the friend "moves out". But this one was different.

I was in my room reading a book when I heard Macie say the words I will never forget: "Hi Stella, I'm Macie. Here, you can see my dollies." Macie said it in the cutest and happiest voice I have ever heard, and I just toke it as another one of her imaginary friends. After a few more minutes of listening to Macie play with her new friend Stella, I heard Sarah opening her door and coming in. Macie's room was right beside my bedroom, so I could hear through the walls. "Hey Macie." Sarah said in a taunting tone of voice. "Who's your friend?" Macie was quiet for a second, then she said, "This is Stella. She's nice. Want to play with her?" I suddenly knew that this meant trouble. Sarah was tough on her sister a lot, even though she cried whenever she got the tiniest cut. But boy was I in for a surprise when Sarah said, "Okay sure. Stella, I have a new jewelry case that my friend bought me. Wanna see it?" I was in shock. Sarah never, EVER toke part in Macie's playtime. That sent shivers up my spine a little bit.

Over a few days, Stella made her presence known. Macie and Sarah would play with Stella for long hours, only stopping for eating, going to the washroom, etc.. Whenever the girls came down for breakfast, lunch or dinner, Stella seemed to follow because the family pets would run and hide, or growl/hiss in the direction of the girls, which they had never done before. And the girls also insisted that Stella had a place at the table. Me and my husband allowed it because there were two extra places at the table. The girls loved Stella, but me and my husband were getting worried. Stella seemed to be taking over their lives. They no longer did what they loved to do in the summer time. We tried once to separate them but Stella seemed to come back every time.

Now I thought Stella was a made-up figment of their imaginations... until one day the family went off for an all-day break from home to an amusement park. The girls enjoyed it, but when we came home there was a huge mess in the kitchen and the family pets were all hiding together, as if scared. Broken plates scattered the floors of the kitchen, knives and forks stuck into the walls. This scared us all. But what happened next was worse.

Fall rolled around and the girls went off to school. This upset Stella a lot. Me and my husband would hear loud banging on the walls whenever we were home, and there would be scratches and sometimes we'd even hear someone screaming, not from fear but rather from outrageous anger. Then one Monday morning my husband left for work as usual, and I got the girls ready for school. They both looked especially gloomy and didn't talk and the family pets were acting strange. They refused to go into the house; they stayed in the backyard. Finally, I had to ask what was wrong. The two girls suddenly burst out crying. Sarah managed to get out the words the almost made me scream: "Stella won't let us leave!" Macie then added in her own note, "She said that if we leave she'll do something real bad to everyone!" Sarah spoke again, "She said we had to repay her for getting rid of David!" That was the last straw. I couldn't stay in the house any longer. I gathered the pets and the kids, and as we were walking away we heard a tremendous crash coming from the house and it echoed real loud. The girls screamed and the family pets seemed spooked too. I had them on a leash, thank god. I felt like I was in a horror film. Later, we all got to a gas station and I called Rob and told him the whole story. We never went back to that place again.

This all happened in that every order. My kids were so scared that they slept with me, Rob and the family pets in the same room for three months and later got thorough help from a psychiatrist. Me and Rob were blessed and we have never had another encounter since. The name in this story were fake to protect the privacy of the innocent.

Gloria, Canada
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