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Monday Morning

Kate, Washington, USA
March 2002

Hello, there. My name is Kate and I've been lurking on this site for roughly a year, so I've decided its time to come out of the shadows and put in my two cents.

I usually get up around 6:00 during the week to get ready for school; my family usually won't wake up until 7:00, as was the case on a particular Monday morning in January (I state this mundane little fact only so that it will be known that the following occurrences weren't just my little brothers trying to irk me). So, when my alarm went off I sat up, tumbled out of bed, and somehow clawed my way across the hall to the bathroom. (Fun stuff!) Anyways, I went about my routine: got dressed, collected my things, and, as I was about 15 minutes ahead of schedule (imagine that on a Monday!), I sat down on my couch to wait for the bus. So, I made myself some coffee, and sat down to watch the insufferable anchorwoman Christine Chen on the morning news. Suddenly, I heard a faint hissing, bubbling noise, as if the coffee is still percolating. Thinking I'd left it on, I went to unplug the machine. I went into the kitchen; it was not on. After searching extensively (and unsuccessfully) for what could have caused the noise, I chalked it up to a very drowsy and hence overactive imagination and returned to the chattering Ms. Chen.

Now after my coffee I had to use the facilities, and so I headed back down the hall to the loo. As I was washing my hands, I heard a THUNK. I ran out to see what hit the ground. My Science textbook had inexplicably made its way out of my backpack, onto the floor, landing with a crash. Very perplexed at this point, and more than a little spooked, after checking that my family was in bed, I put it back in and sat back down (Christine had shut up and her co- anchor was now reporting). Then came the straw that broke the camel's back.

We have a large ceramic plate (decorative, of course) with a Celtic design which hangs on the kitchen wall, near the opening into the living room. With a sudden and horrific crash, it (now comes the part that NONE of you will believe) LEAPED off of the wall and hit the one on the opposite side of the room I was in. Now how all ths failed to wake my family, I don't know (I wasn't hallucinating, that's the sure thing, as the plate was in ruins when I returned home), but it certainly scared me out of my wits, and I rushed outside to wait with numb fingers for the bus, my heart much worse for the wear.

Kate, Washington, USA
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