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Moravian Falls, NC Ghost

Jennifer, NC, USA
January 2005

Hi my name is Jenn and I thought I would share one of my many ghost experiences with you.

About 4 years ago me, my husband, and our daughter who was about 2 at the time moved in to a new rental mobile home in Moravian Falls, NC. We thought we had hit the jack pot of rental homes; it was new and had every thing from the glamour bath to lots of space. We were very happy with the thought of moving in. But as we all know appearances can be deceiving.

Our first night in the home, my husband had to work night shift at the restaurant where has was a manager at, so it was just me and my daughter there unpacking and so on. About 9 p.m. I put her to bed and went to take a bath. I left the doors to the bedroom and bathroom open with the baby monitor on so I was sure I could hear my daughter if she woke up. Now for anyone who has ever been in a mobile home you know if you stand on one end with all the doors open you can see straight through to the other side (yes there is a point to my saying this so keep it in mind).

Anyway I had just gotten in the tub when I heard voices on the baby monitor, I couldn't make out what they were saying but it was voices all the same. So to be safe I went to check on the baby and see if I had left anything on TV, radio, etc. I found nothing, baby a sleep, nothing on, just nothing. Thinking I was going nuts or had been up to long I went back to the tub. No sooner than I got there the voices started again. By this time I was mad.

Being in the country by ourselves I thought we had teenagers outside messing around. So I put on clothes grabbed my .38 and my flashlight and outside I went. I found nothing, not an animal, not a person, just nothing. Well I went back in with the parting shot of if someone is out there and I find them they were going to wish they were dead. Back in the tub I heard the voices again only this time I understood what they said "She thinks we're alive, she thinks we're human." After that (keep in mind all the doors in the house are open) I heard pad, pad, pad across the carpet, pad, pad, pad across the lino in the kitchen, across the carpet in the bedroom stopping at the bathroom door. I heard whatever it was but never saw a thing.

I told my husband what happened and he blew it off as nerves in a new house. Nothing else happened for about a week. Then I started having nightmares. Things would disappear, you would see things floating and so on. It would never happen with my husband there only when he was gone, so he thought I was cracking up, until one night he woke up saying a lady just broke into the house, then he chased her into the pantry where she disappeared. Doors locked and no forced entry when we checked the rest of the house. Another time the voices on the monitor started when he was home. So I woke him to hear, but no sooner than he woke up fire jumped from the monitor (no not sparks FIRE) and fried it. He saw the fire. Other than that for a time nothing went on, other than feeling like you were being watched.

My husband had to work at night yet again and things went from bad to worse. By this time I had learned to blow the thing off with the thought of "oh well here we go again". So when the TV went off and on or the lights I would cut them back on and tell "it" to stop.

I had put my daughter to bed about an hour before and I was folding clothes. When I heard her let out a scream I never knew a child could make. As a mother that is a sound I never want to hear again in my life, it made my blood run cold. I was sure something was trying to kill her, so I ran for her room. This is the scene I found, my daughter standing up in her crib screaming in the face of this "big black thing". I don't know what else to call it. It was as wide as the crib, taller than the ceiling with its back touching the roof and its head hitting the wall. As a person I was scared out of my mind, as a parent I was ticked off. All I remember thinking is this thing is trying to hurt MY BABY! How to explain what happened next; it took one look at me and I don't know if it ran, gave up, or what?. But I got the impression it didn't want to mess with me. It melted into the floor and was gone. That was the last face to face challenge we got.

After that we would have power surges where everyone else would have power but we wouldn't. The power company never could explain why. It would go out and the come back on after about 20 min. We got to the point where we expected it to happen all the time, and had a flashlight on the counter ready and so on.

One night, yet again, while my husband was at work, and yes by this point I hated it when he had to work nights, the power went out. I went to get the flashlight that was on the counter 2 seconds before, and it was gone!. I heard my daughter who had been playing in the floor stat running and screaming with this booming sound chasing her. Here I am in the dark and can't find her. She trips over a toy phone, the kind kids have that make sounds and light up; I grabbed her and the phone, as I grab her this thing hits my back and it was like being washed over by pure evil. Yet again as soon as I'm there it goes away. I used the phone as a flash light to find my keys and went to my husband's job in my PJ's and stayed there until he went home.

It was the last night I stayed in that house. My husband and some friends packed up and we moved in with my mother until we found a new place.

About a year later my husband, who grew up in Moravian Falls, finally offered up the fact that he knew all along that most of the area around the falls was haunted, and that his parents had sold out and moved to Charlotte because his sister was having trouble with a "big black thing". Strange huh? Many things went on inside that house and in the area that are just too many to name. I'm always shocked not to find Moravian Falls listed as a haunted place in NC.

When we moved out from my mothers and unpacked I put a box in the bathroom closet in case I needed one. Well, I did need it about a month after I moved in and guess what was in the box?? the missing flash light. My daughter started saying there was a "big black man" in her room. Needless to say that we moved from the county and didn't move back, until recently.

So far nothing has happened and I hope it stays that way.

Thank you for your time, sorry it was so long. I have plenty more stories to tell, but this one will stick with me the rest of my life.

Jennifer, NC, USA
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