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More Ghostly Experiences

January 2008

I have previously written a story (Jan ‘07) titled Ghosts In Our Home. I have a few more things of interest to write about.

My husband won the contract to mow the graveyards in our small town this mowing season (there are two of them) and has had some interesting things happen to him.

These graveyards have stones dating from around 1830 or so until now. Within the first couple of weeks of mowing the graveyards, he told me that he could feel the spirits hanging around.

One day he was mowing and happened to glance over at his truck and trailer which were parked by some gravestones and saw a man standing there in a suit just looking at him. He looked away for a second and when he glanced back, the man was gone (there were no cars in the graveyard at that time and this one is outside of town and no houses are close enough for the man to have walked to in that short a period of time.) When he was finished mowing, he went up to his trailer and looked at the stone that the man had been standing next to and found that it was the grave marker of his grandfather’s best friend. He is convinced that Stanley had come to see him to say "hey I know you're working here now".

One weekend I helped out with the trimming and happened to see a gravestone shaped like a log (from the 1800’s) and said to myself ‘what a stupid shape for a grave stone!’ Evidently they didn’t like this comment because they came to my husband soon after he went to bed a night or so later (he was still awake) and said ‘we’re the log people!’ He said they wanted to speak to me, but being that I don’t have his gift, I could not (luckily) hear them or sense them. I have made sure to not say anything derogatory since then about anyone’s grave stones.

He has this joke with me that if I die first he is going to have ‘his wife’ engraved on my stone (this is engraved on many old stones in the graveyards). He kept saying this knowing it would bother me even though I know he is joking. One of the inhabitants of the graveyard came to him one night before he fell asleep and told him about her gravestone (where it was located and what was on it). Her name was Elizabeth and on her stone, her husband had engraved ‘his wife’. She was very upset with my husband and told him that she was NOT her husband’s property (and basically ‘don’t do that to your wife’). He had to explain to her that he was only joking with me and that he wouldn’t really do that before she would go away and leave him alone. After this visit, he did find Elizabeth’s stone in the graveyard where she said it was and on it is engraved ‘his wife’.

Several things have happened in the house (remember it is an old church) as well since my last submission.
We mounted some florescent lights under the kitchen cabinets and one in particular has always given us trouble. It was always flickering (not warming up flickering, but flickering even after being on for hours). When I first turn it on, I have to turn the bulb so that I know it is tight in the fixture and this usually stops it from doing this.

One day after turning on the light and twisting the bulb, I got busy with some baking. As I was working, the light started to flicker. I ignored it for a while but it kept on going and off. I finally said ‘That’s enough!’ and the light stopped flickering!

One day my son’s friend was telling me about his mother and an experience she had. Evidently when she was pregnant for the first time, it was with twins, a boy and a girl. She had a dream that to her said the daughter would not live. The daughter did end up dying before birth, though her son was born healthy. Anyway, as he was telling me this, the light (that I had tightened earlier in the day and hadn’t given me any trouble at all) was going crazy! It kept flickering on and off and on and off. He kept glancing at the light, but I ignored it. As soon as he walked away, that light stopped flickering.

We were having the drywall in the basement taped and mudded, so in the meantime had moved our things upstairs for about a week or so until the work (and mess) were done. We kept a light on at one end of the church near the door and had our beds set up near the old altar at the other end. The light was bright enough to light the way to the steps to the basement in case one of us had to use the bathroom in the middle of the night. On a couple nights, my husband said he woke up and could hear the floorboards creaking as if someone was walking from the basement steps toward the door (and the light) and then the creaking went back toward the steps again. There was no one there (he had a clear view of the area as all this was going on).

Just recently, my husband was enjoying his hobby of looking at real estate on He said he was looking at property all over the country when suddenly he felt very strongly that someone was standing behind him. He glanced back thinking it was me and there was no one there. He said for some reason this was making him uncomfortable (these ‘visitors’ usually don’t bother him) and he kept glancing over his shoulder. In the meantime, as he was trying to look at more properties, the states on the map (how you choose where you want to look for property) were not able to be clicked on. The only states that worked were New York and Maine whereas before this ‘visit’, he could click on any of the 50 states. The map refused to ‘work’ the rest of the night, so he finally went to bed. The next day he had no problems with the site. Thanks for reading my stories!

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