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Mandy, Texas, USA
June 2007

Once again, i'm here writing a story about me and my family's odd experiences. For those who have not read my story "Who's that Man?" in the January section, I'll tell you a bit about my background.

I've picked up tons of ghost stories in my lifetime, and seen many horror flicks, so this is just normal to me.

I'll start my tales in the time where I was just a baby, and my family had moved into our first home. This is what happened to my father: He was sitting down in the living room with my mom and some relatives. Now, he says he saw a dark misty form rise up from the ground. It materialized and by this point, my father was just in shock, the thing quickly pounced on him without warning! Everyone looked at him with concern, but they did not see the figure he had seen.

Next up, my mother's story: She was washing dishes, nothing out of the ordinary of course. Then as she turned on the garbage disposal, she felt a force grab her hand and yank it towards the spinning blades of the disposal. She panicked, and quickly drew back her body before her hand touched it. If you don't think that's scary, wait till you hear about my sister's experience.

She was just a infant, but able to speak little words. She was looking up at the ceiling, she pointed and said "There's a man up there. A man!" Nobody saw this "man" and nobody really believed her.

We moved out of that house and moved two houses down haha. It was a fairly good home, and now I was getting older. My Sister had her bed and so did I, but I rarely slept in it, since we always rented it to our relatives; don't know why. Anyway's, she claims to have seen a tall man walk by her bedroom door and leave out the house. Also, a old woman would pass by too, but there was no sound of the house door opening or closing.

Noises began to bother my parents, because they think they heard running footsteps down the hallway. Thinking it was just me and my sister, they would look out their bedroom door, only to see a quiet and dark hall. Your probably wondering, "Does anything ever happen to you?" Well let me get to that story.

Me and my cousin Emy were sharing my bed. It was late, and we couldn't sleep just yet. All of a sudden, we feel the bed shake softly. I'm thinking its just my nerves and i'm twitching or something. Then Emy turns to me and says "Do you feel that?" Okay, so I know its not my nerves! We both feel this shaking of the bed and we call out to my parents. They came in, looked under the bed and found nothing, as always. Now, I can't recall anymore paranormal activity after that, I have a bad memory. But I know that our last day at that house, we all slept in my parents bedroom. My mother felt a person breathe on her neck, as if sighing. My mom said "We are leaving, if you'd can come with us". That, was a big big mistake of her to say...

Mandy, Texas, USA
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