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More Proof Than I Needed

Catherine, CA, USA
June 2005

I love to read everyone's ghost experiences - they remind me of how many mysteries still fill our world. I now believe that some things are more attractive when they remain mysterious. I've read many stories on this site about the perils of dabbling with Ouija boards, so I thought I'd submit mine.

The curiosity hit me at the typical "energy vortex" age of 13, when my habitual reading of ghost stories graduated to my purchasing a Ouija board. I turned all my friends on to it and even brought it to school, where we "played" at lunch time. One of the true ghost story books I had read featured the haunting of a family by the ghost of a WEASLE....not your typical ghost, I suppose, but being an animal lover, the idea was very attractive to me. It seemed somehow "safer" to try to contact the ghost of a once cute, furry little creature. His name was Jeremy.

I had no problem contacting Jeremy, and soon we were chatting about all kinds of dumb stuff I can't even remember. I became a bit obsessed with the whole thing, and even drew a picture of him as a gift. I guess I was just your average lonely teenager, but now I had an animal friend of sorts that I could actually communicate with.

Although nothing horrible started to happen, I began to change. I was afraid all the time. Afraid to be alone, afraid of the dark, afraid of seeing a ghost. I just KNEW I'd die of fright if one appeared! These changes didn't make any rational sense to me - I liked Jeremy. I had fun "talking" to him. He had never threatened me, so I tried to ignore my fear. Over the few months I'd begun this adventure, my sleeping pattern changed dramatically. I could not get to sleep unless I was completely wrapped up like a mummy, with only my nose exposed so I could breathe. I prayed a desperate, ritualistic prayer every night, word for word.

Only 2 notable experiences happened to me during this time. The first was hearing my mother call my name - loud and clear - from upstairs, yet I was home alone.

The night the second thing happened, I had wrapped myself up for bed like always, lying tightly curled up on my side, alert for any dark, scary thing as I tried to fall asleep. I had just begun to relax a bit when I distinctly felt someone take gentle hold of my blanket from around my head and slowly begin to peel it back off of me, down past my shoulders. Well, I certainly didn't wait to find out what or who it was, but came right up and out of bed and ran of the room! I told my mom about the whole thing, and she suggested I forget about the Ouija board and concentrate on praying a bit more, which I did.

I still have that sketch of Jeremy, but I believe all that pre-teen energy and Ouija boards don't mix well. Nowadays I get my paranormal "fix" from Castle of Spirits, and it is enough for me!

Thanks for reading.

Catherine, CA, USA
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