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Morrow Road

December 2003

Near the city of Algonac, Michigan in the country there is an old, dirt road called Morrow Road. There are many, many stories of people's encounters with frightening figures throughout the years.

This story took place back in the 1800s. It's about a young woman who searched frantically for her baby who had somehow wandered off from the house one cold, winter night. She never found it before she became lost in the woods and froze to death. There have been reports of people seeing a glowing woman walking along the side of the road. Others claim they have heard a baby crying out in the woods late at night, neon-green orbs that float through the woods and onto the road and chase people's cars before vanishing, inhuman screams in the woods, and people's cars breaking down for no reason. The legend is that if you park on the old bridge late at night and and honk your horn the woman will appear to see if you have her baby. The area is also known as an Indian burial ground which may also be the cause of the hauntings. My own experience was as scary as hell.

It was in the winter of 1993 and I was with some friends one Friday night. We drove out there at about 12:30. We stopped on the bridge and got out. It was very dark so my friend tried to light a fire. After he had a small campfire burning on the bridge it started rising and got about 4 feet tall, when suddenly a woman's face appeared in the flames. Her eyes, nose, and mouth were large black spots that remained motionless as the fire burned around it. It was definitely a woman's face and she looked very angry. I screamed and suddenly the fire blew right out. There was not the slightest gust of wind that night and we were freaking out. We could barely see the car and tried to find the door handles. We had an overwhelming feeling that something was watching us. A horrifying deep-breathing sound was coming from the woods next to us. It sounded like a bigfoot standing a few feet into the woods breathing. I was almost crying I was so scared and we finally got the doors open and got in the car. We were freaking out and screaming when someone shouted "shut up!" we were all silent and he said "what the hell is that?" I cracked open my window to the sound of a baby crying somewhere out in the woods, then it stopped. He started searching for the key as we locked the doors. Then we saw a light at the back of us that looked like a motorcycle light but was greenish. We watched it slowly come towards the car when it suddenly winked out about 40 feet down the road from us. He started the car and we took off. And I haven't been out there since.

After seeing "The Blair Witch Project" I was stunned on how similar our experience was. There are now houses being built out there and people are saying the ghosts are finally moving on.

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